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AX Semantics 
Your Scalable Content Automation Solution

AX Semantics tackles the challenges that content teams of e-commerce companies face today. Because the software is based on data-to-text, the technology helps e-commerce companies create consistent and accurate product descriptions at scale and in up to 110 languages.
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Why AX Semantics?
Creating Epic Product Descriptions, Simplified.

At AX Semantics, our mission is to empower you to create epic product descriptions that captivate your audience. Our advanced e-commerce text automation software is designed to address the pressing challenges that e-commerce content teams face today. We're here to help you exceed customer expectations with a scalable content automation solution that not only tackles your existing content issues, but also prepares you for future challenges. This enables you to consistently create excellent, precise, impactful, and consistent product descriptions that are nothing short of epic.

AX Semantics: 
Your Key to Epic Product Descriptions

Today's e-commerce businesses are under enormous pressure as the demand for impactful product descriptions has reached unprecedented levels. Consumers expect nothing less than epic product descriptions with accurate and comprehensive information that empowers them to make informed purchasing decisions. However, businesses often face the challenge of limited content creation resources, exacerbated by a talent crisis in the industry. As a result, scaling content creation has become essential to meet the growing need for product information.

Enter AX Semantics. Our solution enables you to overcome content creation bottlenecks and empowers you to deliver accurate, precise, localized, and compelling product descriptions. And you can achieve all this without relying heavily on human intervention. This not only accelerates your time-to-market but also dramatically reduces translation costs.
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E-Commerce Content With AX Semantics

Our AX Semantics software is intuitive and quickly generates all the content you need to keep pace with your business needs. Because it is 100% SaaS – everything is available from your desktop via your web browser, no programming or IT departments required. The software supports content generation in up to 110 languages and is easy to use with features such as the Translation Feature, Translation Packages, and the Translate App which include integrations that streamline translation workflows.

Automated Product Descriptions

Create thousands of high-quality product descriptions in up to 110 languages at scale. This saves you a lot of time and money and speeds up your time to market.

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Automated Content Personalization

Provide your customers with personalized product descriptions that are specifically tailored to their individual needs and stage of customer journey.
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Generate Individual Automated FAQ

Automate individual FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for all your product pages in order to improve your content and organic search visibility.
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GPT-Powered Writing

Unleash the true potential of your creativity with our GPT integrations! Transform your content creation journey and dive into a new writing experience with our two groundbreaking enhancements: Statement Suggestions and Alternative Text Suggestions.
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Translation Packages

With AX Semantics' Translation Packages, you can effortlessly create multilingual product texts like never before. Benefit from seamless processes and smart algorithms to generate your E-Commerce content in up to 110 languages.
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Data-Driven Personalization

Utilize the capabilities of our Metrics feature to collect and assess your content. This allows you to optimize and customize your e-commerce store’s product pages to provide a personalized touch for each visitor to your online store.
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What's in it For You




time savings thanks to automation of repetitive parts of writing




more conversions on the product page thanks to persuasive and advisory content




more organic traffic thanks to optimized content for both, users and Google

Join Over 500 Companies Trusting AX Semantics for Epic Content Creation

Our self-service integrated e-learning allows customers to start automating text quickly – and more than 500 customers have already done so successfully with AX Semantics. We work with some of the world’s best known brands on content generation, including Porsche, Mytheresa,, Lyreco, and H&M, amongst many others.
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AX Semantics: The Content Solution Customers Love

Most importantly, our customers love working with our software. And they're not alone. If something is not clear, our excellent and highly experienced Customer Success Team will answer your questions and make sure you get the best out of your project. With our documentation, interactive e-learning courses, and webinars, you're ready to take your text creation processes to the next level.
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