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How to Write a Pitch That Won’t Be Ignored

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Journalists don’t have time for your pitches.
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The State of Content Marketing 2019 [Infographic]

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The results of the third annual State of Content Marketing Survey are now in — the findings include victories, challenges, and trends. With three years of data behind us, we can see just how much growth the content marketing world has achieved.
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[Infographic] Top Twitter Content Marketing Trends in 2019 – SEMrush Study

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To keep up with the latest content marketing trends, marketers need to know what is being talked about in their industry. To help you stay up to date and adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly, we‘ve decided to spot top content marketing trends on Twitter.
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Choosing a marketing automation platform

Here's an article about Marketing Automation: The proliferation of digital channels and devices can make it difficult for B2B marketers to accurately target prospects with the right messages, on the right devices, at the right times. Faced with these challenging market dynamics and increasing ROI pressure, B2B marketers at companies of all.
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The 11 Best Marketing Automation Software Tools in 2019

We have an informative post about Marketing Automation: A majority of businesses are using some form of marketing automation nowadays — in fact, studies cite around 51% of businesses currently use the technology, and that number continues to grow.
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