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SEO: 4 Signs Your ‘Optimized’ Content Could Be Spam

We have a great article about SEO content for you:
In this post, I'll address four signs that your content could be over-optimized, risking a penalty or a rankings hit. Think about how your content could look to a human, not a search engine.

Digital Transformation Trends 2018

An interesting article​ about ​digital transformation:
Gaining and keeping competitive advantage for businesses has never been more challenging.

Iconic Brands Pull Back The Curtain On Their Digital Transformations

We found a post about digital transformation: For Unilever, illycaffè, and BT, digital transformation has been about more than just new technologies. They shared their journeys with 6,000-plus attendees at Adobe Summit EMEA 2019, in London.
You can find the whole article in the CMO​ Blog.

How to test, measure & optimize texts large-scale

Have you ever thought about changing the way your target group is addressed in the texts on your website or in your shop? Then you have certainly thought about how to reach your target group even better and how they will feel even more addressed.