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What’s Missing From Your Content Marketing Tech?

An interesting article​ about ​Content Marketing:
When asked what’s missing in a content marketer’s tech stack, CMWorld presenters waxed poetic, imagined the possibilities, and got practical. Read on for 13 tools to use now and 21 tech concepts that should exist if they don’t already.
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How to Use Reddit for Keyword Research to Amp Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

Semrush published an interesting how-to about Content Marketing:
Get a walkthrough on how to use Reddit to do keyword research as well as strategies for coming up with high-quality content ideas. Topics covered include how to find your people on Reddit, how to spot potential content ideas, looking for patterns and trends, testing content ideas and asking for feedback, finding and building rapport and more!.
You can find the whole article in the Semrush​ Blog.


‘Make someone smile’: Execs sound off on the future of content marketing

An interesting article​ about ​Content Marketing:
At Digiday's Content Marketing Forum in New York earlier this month, we gathered 500 content marketers to discuss the future of content marketing. We also asked execs to discuss what they'd learned, and how they are modernizing their toolkit to create their marketing campaigns.
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