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Journalism of Things: Jakob Vicari and His Book

– Reading Time: 2 minutes – Jakob, you have published the book “Journalismus der Dinge: Strategien für den Journalismus 4.0”. What is the idea behind the book? The Internet of

NLG: A Confession from Unaice

Reading Time: 2 minutes At AX Semantics we rely on a large network of partners. We are taking some time here in the blog to introduce our partners. The first

Robot Journalism at

Reading time: 2 minutes Today I ask Dominik Liebsch from about his experiences with text automation.  Hello Dominik, you are responsible for text automation at What are your

Automated Texts: a strong competitive Advantage

Today I am lucky to interview Björn Darko from Searchmetrics. Good morning, Bjorn. Congratulations on your new “baby,” SeoPresso. What will SeoPresso do? SEOPRESSO is a private project of mine.

Natural Language Generation at the Bank

– Reading time: 2 minutes – Good morning, Mr. Arnold. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Jörg Arnold. I am a trained banker and subsequently

How to boost XMAS sales in your online shop

The chimneys are cleaned, the hoarfrost climbs up the windows and the scent of cinnamon, cloves and mulled wine is in the air. It’s time again: Christmas is just around