Academic Relations

At AX Semantics, we firmly believe in the value that research and education bring for a society. Therefore, we actively seek to cooperate with universities and participate in contemporary research and discourses. If you are working or studying with an academic institution, we support you with a wide range of offerings.

EDU Licenses for Researchers and Students

As a student, teacher or researcher at a university, you can use the AX Semantics platform and tutorials free of charge for all kinds of non-commercial and non-profitable projects. The only boundaries: You must currently be employed or immatriculated at a university, and your project must be of non-profitable nature.

Internships for students m/w/*

If you are studying Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, or a media- or communication-related subject, we are happy to host your mandatory internship of up to 6 months. In this time, we offer you a profound education about about NLG applications and toolchains and the possibility to build a network among some of our key accounts.

Theses and Research Projects

Also, we are happy to discuss supporting your or your students’ bachelor and master theses or dissertations. This can be either by support in a practical project, or in by supporting with data or expert interviews. If you are working in practical research, please feel free to reach out to us.

Academic Teaching and Discourse

If you want to offer a practical approach to Natural Language Generation and it’s applications to your students, we can help you out with several guest lecture formats, which can be combined.

  • The 90 minute course “Robot Journalism” features current applications of NLG in the media lansdcape and an overview of ethical debates around the subject.
  • In the 3 hour practical course in Natural Language Generation, we teach students, how to train a NLG AI of their own.
  • In the 1 ½ day NLG hackathon, we coach your students through the whole process of developing and building a business case around Natural Language Generation, including market observations and a round of bareknuckle pitching on the second day.
As a bonus, your students will not only get to play with our standard products. Instead, we will bring the newest and bleeding edge tools, future features and educational materials and have your students test them before everybody else.

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