Automate workflows with UiPath and AX Semantics.

Automate Workflows with UiPath and AX Semantics

AX Semantics content automation software gives you access to the complete Natural Language Generation toolchain: It is 100% SaaS – everything is available from your desk via your web browser, no programming skills needed. Upload your data, configure your ruleset and AX Semantics generates your content.

UiPath creates automation that interacts with a computer-centric process with a software User Interface providing support. UiPath uses your existing infrastructure and processes to help automate processes with minimum disruptions to the workflow. The UiPath robot can automate all the existing applications just like a human user with clicking, typing, and reading screen information through computer vision or OCR.

Automate workflows with UiPath and AX Semantics

With the AX Semantics connector for UiPath you can now easily build automations with UiPath Studio leveraging AX Semantics capabilities right in your workflow. The AX Semantics connector is available on the UiPath Marketplace.

With this connector, Natural Language Generation can now be used no matter the platform, be it Legacy systems, web apps, SAP, Database, or even custom applications.

Some key features of the AX Semantics / UiPath Connector:

  • Send structured data that form the information basis for automated text generation from any process into the AX Semantics platform.
  • Receive the automatically generated text back to use right within your UiPath Process.
  • Combine this with auto-generation engine inside our platform. This allows you a fully automated content production inside any UiPath workflow.

Automating processes have never been simpler than with UiPath. Now with the AX Semantics connector it is even easier to integrate Natural Language Generation in your workflow.

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