Auto-Generate Unique Product Descriptions

The demand for content in e-commerce is huge. It is not possible for online shops to provide their product range with individual descriptive texts.

Providing no or thin content has a negative effect on the visibility in search engines and at the same time on the conversion rate in the shop – as users may lack explanatory information to decide to make a purchase. Good product descriptions, that highlight benefits and are unique, increase conversions and shopping cart size.

E-Commerce companies can automate the creation of search engine optimized product descriptions for thousands of products and multiple channels using the e-commerce product description generator from AX Semantics.


product descriptions 
per year

"By using automated content generation it is possible for us to write unique product descriptions in excellent quality for our huge product range."
Bernd Vermaaten
CEO of the brand

Automate SEO Category Pages

Automated online shop category page content can drive search engine rankings for your store by being highly optimized on SEO, content experience and internal link-building.

Write search engine optimized category texts much more efficiently now than by hand. Use AX Semantics software and configure your project so that you can provide all categories with search engine optimized category texts.


positions ranking increase
within 6 months

"With automated texting, we were able to establish ourselves as MYTHERESA with a stable ranking in the top positions."
Anja Wolfmaier
Team Leader SEO at MYTHERESA

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The Potentials of our Product Description Writing Software

By using text automation, you can publish individual texts directly with the release of your offer – no waiting for editors or translators.

After you have done the initial configuration in the software, you will save a lot of time and money – especially when creating multi-lingual content.

Since the logical elements of your configuration can be adopted from the source language, all that remains is to adapt the linguistic elements into the target languages – this speeds up your entry into new markets.

If you create relevant content that offers your visitors added value, this increases the potential length of stay on the site and the probability of conversion.

Google examines the content on websites – optimized and high-quality content can have a positive effect on rankings for relevant keywords.

If the visitor feels picked up and informed on your site, the probability of conversion increases. It is important that a conversion target is precisely defined, otherwise side effects can distort the result.

The better an offer is described, the lower the probability of a bad purchase and thus a return. On the web, the description should be able to replace a sales talk in the shop.

If the description answers all important questions, visitors are less likely to need to contact support – an important cost factor.

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