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AX Semantics is a self-service Natural Language Generation software and the solution for creating impactful product descriptions automatically for your e-commerce business.
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Elevate Your E-Commerce Content Creation with Automated Product Descriptions

In the modern e-commerce landscape, there's an unparalleled demand for compelling product descriptions. Shoppers seek outstanding, precise product descriptions that provide clarity and confidence in their buying choices. But many online retailers struggle to furnish their extensive product line-ups with distinct, descriptive content.

Lacking or superficial product descriptions can dent search engine visibility and hinder conversions – potential customers might miss vital details that drive purchase decisions. Well-crafted, benefit-centric, and unique product descriptions can boost conversion rates and expand the average cart size.

With AX Semantics' e-commerce content creation software, online businesses can seamlessly generate SEO-friendly product descriptions at scale – for myriad products across multiple channels.
Hyperpersonalized content
The content team of the online price comparison portal generates over 100,000 unique and high-quality SEO product descriptions per year with the AX Semantics product description generator.

Without automated content generation, it would be impossible to write descriptions for the huge product range of

Automation or product texts in e-commerce

The Benefits of Automated E-Commerce Content Creation: Discover When and Why It's a Game-Changer for You!

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The Potentials of our Product Description Writing Software


By using tools for content automation, you can publish individual texts directly with the release of your offer – no waiting for editors or translators.

Reduced Translation Costs

AX software masters the grammar of 110 languages to implement multilingual projects, allowing you to reach e-commerce customers worldwide without additional work. Because of integrated machine learning, our software accelerates the scalability of translation, enabling you to generate accurate and engaging product descriptions most efficiently. 

Cost Savings

After you have done the initial configuration in the software, you will save a lot of time and money for your content marketing – especially when creating multilingual content.

Reduced Time To Market

If you don’t have content ready to go, you won’t be able to enter a new market quickly. AX Semantics makes sure companies small and large can quickly create content to hit the market faster. Using AX, e-commerce companies can generate countless unique descriptions for products, which is critical for a strong start and continued SEO.

Expand to New Markets Fast

Since the logical elements of your configuration can be adopted from the source language, all that remains is to adapt the linguistic elements into the target languages – this speeds up your entry into new markets.

Time Spent on a Page

If you create relevant content that offers your visitors added value, this can help to increase the potential length of stay on the site and the probability of conversion.


Google examines the content on websites – optimized and high-quality content can have a positive effect on rankings for relevant keywords.

Boost Conversion Rates

AX content generation software offers all the features you need to generate high-quality product descriptions faster than ever. Using AX tools, you can inform users about each of your products with automated product descriptions and increase sales. 

Return Rate

The better an offer is described, the lower the probability of a bad purchase and thus a return. On the web, the description should be able to replace a sales talk in the shop.

Support Efforts

If the description answers all important questions, visitors are less likely to need to contact support – an important cost factor.

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