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AX Semantics helps you to automate individual FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for all your product pages in order to improve your content and organic search visibility.
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Unique For Every Product

Content generation with AX Semantics enables the creation of high-quality, unique texts with no duplicate content.

Customer Trust

Openness and transparency with regard to products and services strengthen the positive impression that customers gain.

Less Support Requests

Frequent support questions are answered without your team’s effort. This saves time and can reduce the return rate.

SEO relevant Content

Relevant and informative content increases trust in the website (site trust) and its visibility.


How Do FAQ Improve Your Online Shop?

High-quality information for visitors is critical for SEO success and a high number of conversions, not just since Google's Helpful Content Update. FAQ are a great way to
a) answer common questions about products and services, increasing the likelihood of a purchase, and b) extend the content on product pages with valuable text, positively impacting organic visibility on Google.

There are two types of FAQ: shop FAQ, which answer questions about your services, and product FAQ, which answer questions about your products based on product data. The best part is that most stores have hardly any individual FAQ, especially at the product page level, because creating them manually would be far too time-consuming. This provides you with a significant competitive advantage.

What You Can Achieve With Automated FAQ

Our customer Webgears decided to use AX Semantics to automatically generate FAQ because they found out that the manually written FAQ on their portal had a similarity of 57 to 59% - meaning that they had a high percentage of duplicate content.

Using AX Semantics, the content could be improved heavily to a similarity of only 14 to 24 %. Each channel got its own unique content style, consistently with only one data source.

How Does It Work?

With the AX Semantics content generation software you can easily generate FAQ automatically - unique for all required pages.

1. Prepare Your Content

Find relevant questions and answers using keyword analysis, the support team, and product information from product data.

2. Build Your Content

Simply create the questions and answers in the AX Semantics software and provide them with the required rules, variants, and triggers.

3. Generate FAQ

In the 3rd step you generate unique FAQ for all your products and pages using AX Semantics.

You're in Good Company. Over 500 Companies Use AX Semantics

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