Software that transforms your data into meaningful product descriptions

AX Semantics is an easy-to-use Natural Language Generation (NLG) software that makes the writing of unique product descriptions scalable. With our e-commerce product description generator you can automate the writing of thousands of search engine optimized product descriptions in multiple languages for your online store.

What AX software offers you

Unique and meaningful product descriptions have an effect on the visibility in search engines and on the behavior of users in an online shop.
Create quality product descriptions that highlight benefits to effectively boost the conversion rate and shopping cart size! AX Semantics content automation software offers you all the features you need to create meaningful product descriptions faster than ever before:


Use the variance features of the product description generator to write thousands of unique texts.


The text design is in your hands: Configure content, wording, tonality & structure according to your wishes.


Upload relevant keywords with your data and automatically include them in your texts.

Style & Formatting

Design your content web- and user-friendly with headings, boldings, lists and more.


Save up to 80% of your time on writing. Configure the AX software and generate thousands of product descriptions.


Drive internationalization - AX software masters the grammar of 110 languages to efficiently implement multilingual projects.

3 steps to automate your product descriptions

1. Upload your

Upload data like product features and information from your PIM system or other source to form the information base for your content.

2. Configure your

Implement your desired product description project and define how your uploaded data should appear and be interpreted in the texts.

3. Generate
product descriptions

Generate thousands of individual texts for all your data records at the touch of a button. You can update and regenerate your content as often as you like.

Learn from the best: More than 500 companies use AX Semantics

The content team of the online price comparison portal has already generated 10,000s of unique and high-quality product descriptions with the AX content generator.

Without Automated Content Generation, it would be impossible to write description texts for the huge product range of

- Bernd Vermaaten, CEO of the brand

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