From wallflower to leading role: The evolution of content in SEO

SEO and text automation have a longer shared history than many other content marketing areas. The SEO experts Björn Darko and Malte Landwehr called to mind the times when very simple spinning systems generated horrible spam content that were basically only produced to feed the search engines with keywords. “SEOs

How to use external data successfully

— Reading Time: 2 minutes —  Kevin Goßling is the founder and CEO of Fusionbase. Fusionbase is the data hub for data from external sources. In this interview Kevin Goßling talks about external data and how Fusionbase helps companies to use it. Why do I need external data? External data

Human first – Thank you all for this thrilling and insightful AXCD 2020!

“Human first” – in his keynote at the beginning of the conference Saim Alkan outlined the motto of this year’s AXCD 2020. This was meant as an invitation to expand the discussion of the current topics of content and content marketing such as digitization and artificial intelligence. The point of

How to create successful personalised content – Interview with Tessa Bräutigam

As a data-driven content manager at the traditional company Prym Consumer Europe, Tessa Bräutigam is responsible for the implementation of AX Semantics. The step into a modern future through content automation will be developed under consideration of SEO aspects, customer focus and in the sense of passing on manual skills

The company AX Semantics got the Gold Stevie Winner Award 2020.

AX Semantics Wins Prestigious Gold 2020 Stevie® International Business Award®

We’re pleased to announce AX Semantics has been named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award for best Business Technology Solution in the Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning category in the 17th Stevie International Business Awards®, the world’s premier business awards program. Our software was recognized for its ability to help

The key of successful content – Interview with Björn Darko & Malte Landwehr

Björn Darko works as Director Digital Strategies Group EMEA at Searchmetrics, where he heads the consulting unit of the software provider. Previously, Björn was Head of SEO at Ringier, where he was responsible for Blick Group publications and Head of SEO for, Switzerland’s largest online marketplace. He specializes in

Fundamental flaws of GPT-3 & why language technology is still useful for authors

The German Tech blog writes about GPT-3, with the title: “Automated, but mediocre Articles” (“Automatisch mittelmäßige Artikel”),  the original article is from While GPT-2/3 is really a break through in terms of language technology deep learning showcases, this kind of articles is missing the fundamental point of language: bringing information across. 

The 3 aspects of successful content – interview with Felix Beilharz

Felix Beilharz is “one of the leading consultants for online and social media marketing” (RTL) and “one of the best speakers in Germany” (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung). The author of eight books teaches at several universities, gives lectures worldwide and advises and trains companies on the successful use of online marketing

Software product or service – how can you tell the difference?

When a company is looking for software solutions, this is often the starting point for time-consuming selection processes of a usually long and expensive solution search. Taking many criteria into account, the decision which investment to make should be as objective as possible. Step 1: What are the economic and

Exposure of the biggest Myths of Content Automation

– Reading Time: 4 minutes –   More and more companies in e-commerce generate unique and high-quality SEO product descriptions & category content with the AX Semantics software and profit from the opportunities of Natural Language Generation. Nevertheless, many people have doubts about content automation. These concerns include, that automatically

Amazon FBA sellers: Optimize your visibility & ranking

– Reading Time: 4 minutes –   The Amazon business is booming – over 240.000 sellers sold their products on the Amazon marketplaces in 2019. This is an increase of more than 18 percent compared to 2018 (Internetworld, 2019).  Of course, the competition is increasing, that’s bad for sellers. While

Natural Language Generation at the Bank

– Reading time: 2 minutes – Good morning, Mr. Arnold. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Jörg Arnold. I am a trained banker and subsequently studied business informatics. I have been working for LBBW in various functions for more than 20 years now. I have

Natural Language Generation in the Financial Sector – Practical Experience

– Reading Time: 2 minutes –  It is always exciting to see in how many sectors NLG is used successfully. Today Mario Berger, Director at Deloitte, reports on his experiences with the AX Semantics Natural Language Generation software in Financial Services. AX: Hello Mario, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Automated Product Texts at Schäfer Shop

Harry Olfert was available for an interview about his work with AX Semantics. His experiences are certainly interesting for everyone who is involved in content creation for products.   1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.  My name is Harry Olfert, I am 40 years old, married and father of three children.  Since 2005 I […]

How To Create Real Added Value With Product Descriptions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many online merchants have an inspiring concept, a mature business plan, and a talented, motivated team- the perfect conditions for economic success. Nevertheless, even these companies may fail to increase sales, instead stagnating or even declining. One major area for improvement is the product descriptions in

How Price Comparison Portal gained Visibility in Search Engines

– Reading Time: 3 minutes –  With 2.38 million visitors per month, is one of the most established price comparison portals in Europe. It is operated by solute GmbH and lists prices for millions of products. We spoke with the CEO of solute GmbH, Bernd Vermaaten, to find out

Otto lets editors and robots work together successfully

“Text robots are the future of e-commerce.” This is what Patrick Zackert, Product Manager E-Commerce at Otto, reports in the current article of the “Lebensmittelzeitung” (LZ) – the leading trade medium for the consumer goods industry – and puts forward a thesis that could revolutionize the entire industry. The e-commerce

ICONIC Sales at the AXCD 2020

ICONIC Sales is partner and sponsor at the virtual AXCD 2020. The company will be there with a booth and a the CEO Stefan Gutheil will be a speaker. The topic of the speach is: “Content Automation on Amazon – Create product texts, product images & product videos automatically with

hmmh at the AXCD 2020

hmmh is partner and sponsor at the virtual AXCD 2020. The company will be there with a booth and a session. The topic of the session is: “Sustainable Content Automation: How PIM-System an NLG complement each other” In advance, hmmh answered the questions who they are, what the audience can

plentymarkets at the AXCD 2020

plentymarkets is partner and sponsor at the virtual AXCD 2020. The company will be there with a booth and a session. The topic of the session is: “Multichannel leicht gemacht. Erobere mit perfektem Content und nur einer Schnittstelle die nationalen und internationalen Märkte”  In advance, plentymarkets answered the questions who

Awantego at the AXCD 2020

Awantego is partner and sponsor at the virtual AXCD 2020. They will be represented with a booth and a session on the topic “How e-commerce companies save millions with automated content.” In advance, Awantego answered the questions who they are, what the audience can expect from the session, what the