Cookinglife Interview

Automated Content Generation for More Traffic - Interview with Cookinglife

The Online-Shop “Cookinglife” was opened in Netherlands in 2014. Cookinglife is an Online-Shop for kitchen tools and provides everything required for cooking and serving delicious meals. In the interview, Esther Kappenberg, cross border marketing manager, talks about the work with AX Semantics and its product description generator, as well as the developments and achievements due to using content automation.

How Did the Content Automation of Products, Categories and Landing Pages First Started?

Everything at Cookinglife started in 2014, as we opened our Dutch online store. Automated content creation came into play with the internationalization of our store, since it would have been far too time-consuming to manually write thousands of product descriptions in many languages. 

We have started to work with AX Semantics following a recommendation. Initially, we started with 15,000 "base texts" for our total of 6 languages. They consisted of a few pieces of information such as the brand, color and product material

The aim of the automation of our product descriptions was to offer customers an optimal shopping experience by providing them with high-quality and informative content. With the automated solution, we have the advantage of being able to generate and update content in a faster way and in many languages. 

In addition, we have noticed that the generation of category descriptions and content for landing pages is worthwhile. As a result, we now successfully create three types of automated content.

What Are the Advantages of Automated Content Creation?

Thanks to automation, the generation of content for our large number of products (15,000) can be optimized more quickly and on a scalable basis. In the meantime, apart from the name, material and brand, the content contains other valuable information. We are starting to include details, such as suitable heat sources for pots or pans. The content is now being more specified and expanded. By automating our product and category descriptions, we can always be up-to-date and provide readers with content that has real added value. 

What Is Your Opinion About the Tool in Terms of Languages? 

In total, we have implemented 6 languages at Cookinglife: Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Italian and French. When it comes to multilingualism in particular, automated content creation saves an enormous amount of time in comparison to manual implementation.  For us, it is particularly important that the content is grammatically correct in all languages. Being able to do all this with content automation is a great added value to us. 

Have You Already Seen Progress Since You Started Using AX Semantics? 

Yes, our product and category pages are more easily found via search engines. Thanks to the better rankings, the click-through rate also increases - i. e., more potential customers visit our online store. For us, this demonstrates that work in content is well invested.

The publication of the automated texts leads to a significant increase in traffic.

Have You Noticed Any Changes in the Processes Over the Course of the Collaboration? 

The tool gives us limitless possibilities. Because of the high speed in content production that we achieve using AX Semantics, we are able to react extremely quickly to trends.

In other words, we can publish and promote trending products faster than the competition - which is a real competitive advantage.

Any Goals for 2022 in the Collaboration With AX Semantics? 

Yes, we are planning to optimize and update the various language content this year. For each language, we want to expand the wording and make the product descriptions even more appealing to the customer. This will include incorporating seasonal aspects into the content. In the winter, for example, we want to give readers different baking, serving and cooking ideas than in the summer. In this way, we'll offer them suggestions and ideas to help them envision the product in their everyday lives.

"AX Semantics is the perfect tool with unlimited possibilities."

Esther Kappenberg - Cross Border Marketing Manager at Cookinglife


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