Individual Targeting & personalized product descriptions

The Possibilities of Automated Product Descriptions and their Potential in Personalized Targeting

The increasing trend towards online shopping and a shift away from stationary retail has been quite obvious for some time, and has picked up the pace once again over the previous year. Clients wishes for a customized approach to their specific needs have also become clear. The individual customer wants to feel understood and picked up and not have to dig through irrelevant information, until he finally finds what he is searching for. Ideally, the information available online should replace the personal consulting in stationary retail stores.

E-commerce companies are picking up this trend, and they profit at the same time from the advantages of personalized communication.

The software companies AX Semantics and Roqqio have set it as their goal to implement this inevitable trend.

AX Semantics is an AI-based software company with roots in content and storytelling domains. The highly advanced, but yet easy-to-use natural language generation software makes automated content generation accessible to customers of any size and is available in 110 languages - no programmers or IT departments are needed.  More than 500 customers have already successfully implemented the product description generator, among them are brands such as Porsche, Otto, Mytheresa and Nivea. 

Under the Roqqio brand, three software companies have joined forces to offer solutions for stationary e-commerce retail. Roqqio stands for a fully integrated omnichannel software for customers in the non-food sector.

The Advantages of Automated Product Descriptions

The consumers are overwhelmed with information from the moment they search something online. Besides product descriptions and other details they have to sort through to find what they were searching for, they receive emails and are spammed with ads and promotional offers. From all this material, consumers have to filter out what is in fact relevant to them.

AX Semantics offers an improved way to reach customers and supply the information that is really relevant to them. The customers feel more understood and taken seriously when they read meaningful content that is accurately customized for them. This ultimately improves the customer experience and keeps the customers loyal to the company.

Roqqio also aims to offer its customers the full all-round service and addresses the topic of automated content creation and personalization

How well do AX Semantics and Roqqio complement each other in this case, it is clearly demonstrated by their common view when it comes to using automatically generated content and the expectations for the future of AI.

The question whether it helps Roqqio’s customers to automatically generate item descriptions for the online shop, for example, through an AI like AX Semantics is: absolutely! 

This saves time and brings the products faster online. Product descriptions, for which copywriters used to require several weeks, are created by the software and once configured, are created within the shortest time. Retailers save up to 80 % of the time they would have spent with manual content creation. The saved time can be invested in other tasks, such as research or developing topics. Automated created individual content, however, does not only save time and effort. Unique product descriptions improve the ranking in search engines, such as Google. In addition, retailers have the possibility to react faster to new market requirements with the help of automated creation of product descriptions in web shops and marketplaces.

Personalized Approach instead of Standard Templates

AX Semantics and Roqqio can furthermore imagine being mutually active in other sectors. This includes everything from the topics of personal approach, content personalization and personalized commerce. The Commerce Cloud has a vast data treasure in an amazingly high data quality, such as all transaction data, return data, item data, including attributes such as the online and offline purchase history. In this way, all order-related communication can be done through personalized content via AX, instead of sending an impersonal standard dispatch email.

Competition Advantage: individual Customer Communication at the Push of a Button

The interaction between AX Semantics and the Roqqio Commerce Cloud does not only deliver high quality product descriptions, but also offers an improved communication with the customer.

When ordering online, transaction emails are sent directly from the Roqqio Commerce Cloud. In order to compete in the fast-growing e-commerce market, personalized emails, their order and purchase history are sent to each customer.

process of individual customer communication
Individual customer communication from Roqqio cloud after an online order

Roqqio Commerce Cloud reacts almost in real time to numerous defined trigger points: for example, in case of a required order confirmation or an invoice, a payment request or a returned item. Via AX Semantics, personalized content is generated ad hoc, which Roqqio Commerce Cloud will afterwards send directly to the customer.

The automatic content generation includes numerous attributes, and not only from the product pool, but also from the vast customer data of the Roqqio Commerce Cloud. The purchase history, together with the average order value, as well as the return rate, deliver personalized recommendations and decide the email’s tone. Depending on the preferred delivery method or the return option, the email provides the information about the possibilities. In this way, each email sent is individual. In addition, the customer approach is improved: if a potential buyer finds all the required information about the product and the purchase process, his purchase willingness increases, while the return rate decreases.

Advantages of personalization

Future Development

Where is the future development heading? 

Eventually, the winner will be the one who has customer access. All other players become more or less vicarious agents. At the moment, marketplaces have this access. Mainly because of the vast number of products on offer. However, our cell phone “knows” us best. It knows who our friends are, where we are/were, knows our health information, etc. What happens when a new “super app” claims customer access for itself? China is already going down this path with WeChat. But there’s more to come with a virtual AI assistant! In comparison, Amazon’s product suggestions seem very old-fashioned.

AI will turn our way of life upside down.

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