Interview about highly individual email journeys using Natural Language Generation

Highly individual email journeys using Natural Language Generation – an interview with Rabbit e-Marketing

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Nikolaus von Graeve explains in this interview how Natural Language Generation, or NLG, is creating new possibilities for companies in personalization of email communication.

Hello Nik, please introduce yourself and Rabbit e-Marketing.

Rabbit eMarketing was founded in 2004 as an email marketing agency — at the beginning we were dealing with pure newsletters, then after some time with automated campaigns and for about 10 years with all topics that are necessary to send highly individual and automated campaigns. Today we call this CRM-based marketing and content automation, but for us it was simply good email marketing at the time. Since 2015 we have tried to extend our knowledge from this email marketing to adjacent channels and media. It really doesn’t make sense not to use structured content that is prepared for an automated and highly individual email journey on landing pages or in display advertising.

You have decided to accompany your clients with AI (Artificial Intelligence) in new forms of communication. What will Rabbit do in the future?

We will continue to support our clients in building and maintaining sustainable relationships with their customers, in keeping with what the abbreviation “CRM” stands for: Customer Relationship Management. AI or Natural Language Generation (NLG) gives us the opportunity to work much more efficiently and flexibly. Up to now, we have often connected databases to campaign systems for content individualization, which contained ready-made texts. AI enables us to automatically create texts based on structured data and to adapt them flexibly to a wide variety of formats.

In this video Nikolaus von Graeve reports about the use of content automation software in email marketing:

How did your team actually get into this new world?

At rabbit, we believe that good relationships are the key, including good relationships with our partners and customers. For the first prototypical projects, we approached partners and customers who were willing to work with us on topics where we could not say exactly what the result would be at the beginning. Step by step we have dared to tackle these topics — and are more than impressed by the results.

Do you see this entry as a competitive advantage for Rabbit?

Yes. The time of purely rule-based campaigns and rigid, monothematic customer journeys on a single channel is over. At least from the customer’s point of view. We can take a new look at the communication between companies and their customers based on the experiences from the first projects.

What does your desired customer look like for this new way of addressing email marketing?

Ideally, a customer should have an understanding of structured data and should be able to benefit from highly individual and time-variable customer communication.

Thanks for the insights.

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