XMAS-Content-Tips: How to boost XMAS sales in your online shop

How to boost XMAS sales in your online shop

The chimneys are cleaned, the hoarfrost climbs up the windows and the scent of cinnamon, cloves and mulled wine is in the air. It's time again: Christmas is just around the corner! In this article, we'll show you some practical tips on how to get your online store up and running quickly and effectively for Christmas and how to put on winter tires on your website during a short pit stop.

Christmas or Christmess?

Reflection, the revival of old traditions and a cosy candlelight get-together. Christmas should be for people a time out from everyday stress, a time of breathing deeply and relaxation. But the reality is usually different. The right present has become more and more important and puts many people under huge pressure. Christmas has long since become the opportunity to fulfill long-cherished dreams and to show the people around you that, even if things have been hectic during the year, you can still perceive each other's wishes.  Where an orange and a nut were pulled out of Santa's sack, today's children and adults can enjoy the latest trends in technology, fashion and toys under the Christmas tree. But where do all the gifts come from that make the eyes shine? And why were they bought where they were bought?

Squeaky tires

For retailers, the Christmas season is exactly the opposite of contemplation and deceleration. For them, this is the time of squeaking tires and burning smocks: the high season. According to Frank Surholt, press spokesman at mail-order company Otto, who told internetwold.de, up to 50% of annual sales are generated in these few weeks. According to statistics from statista, almost 100 billion euros are spent annually in Germany during the Christmas business, and the trend is rising. According to Parcellab, more than 30% of purchase decisions are only made in December. Many people are also still last minute to find a suitable gift for their loved ones. The on-line trade grows thereby constantly and is nearly equal to that of the stationary trade. Although e-commerce can often not provide personal advice, these tips can help your customers to buy the right Christmas gift.

Help your customer to find the perfect gift!

This is how you bring the undecided gift-donators to your website

Most customers don't even know what they are looking for at the beginning of their online research. That's why the most important thing is not only to set up landing pages for special search queries, but also to place keywords in the product descriptions in a targeted manner. For example, customers often look for "Christmas gift grandma". With targeted landing pages and wording, you improve your visibility on search engines and provide your customers with ideas and inspiration for their gift lists. The best way to do this is to design your product texts to be Christmassy. This sounds insanely laborious and costly? But thanks to the Hybrid Content Editors it doesn't have to be. With this tool, you can not only adapt your texts to Christmas time within a few minutes, but also react quickly to any other holiday or trend. In no time at all, the "roast thermometer" becomes the "roast thermometer for the perfect Christmas dinner".

The first impression counts

Christmas is the time of emotions. Pick up the customer in his Christmassy mood and present him your online store as an elves-wonderland. Convince with warm colours, wintery motifs and a festive wording. The last can also be easily set up by the Hybrid Content Editors.

This is how you help your customers find the right gifts on your website and increase their buying mood

If your online store offers a large selection of categories and products, it can be helpful to integrate a gift finder on the homepage. For example, you can use a short survey to find exactly who is looking for a gift, or product descriptions that suggest a target group. This way, the customer can immediately process his entire gift list in your e-commerce store. Also a concrete statement about the exact delivery time is a good way to increase your turnover. Statements like "order up to 20.12.19 and the article is still punctual to Christmas eve with you at home" or the possibility of an express delivery do not only make it possible for the customer to plan, but animate also to the purchase. It has a similarly positive effect, if you extend for example the return period. You'll be able to convince customers who aren't quite sure whether they can correctly assess the taste or size of the recipient.


With these 6 tips you can ensure that the products from YOUR e-commerce store are under the Christmas trees and that your customers can celebrate a peaceful Christmas again - without any horror gifts!

  1. Improve your search engine visibility with targeted seasonal keywords
  2. Develop landingpages for special search queries
  3. Reach the emotions of your customers
  4. Implement a Gift Finder on your website
  5. Provide concrete information on the delivery time
  6. Extend the return periods

Have fun decorating your gift paradise! These tips can be used not only for Christmas, but also for all other holidays such as Valentine's Day, Easter, etc., events, fashions and trends.

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