NLG: A Confession from Unaice

NLG: A Confession from Unaice

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At AX Semantics we rely on a large network of partners. We are taking some time here in the blog to introduce our partners. The first is Unaice.

Good morning, Andreas. Who are you and what does Unaice do?

I am a 49-year-old Bavarian who moved to Nordrhein Westfalen as an economic refugee and settled there. uNaice is an MSP and integration partner with its own solutions and developments based on existing technologies. It's always about data, data preparation, intelligent completion of data, generating content from data, and ultimately automating all associated processes. We work internationally. 

Some people might say it’s a little crazy to build your agency on one technology and one partner. What do you say to that?

Well, we're not an agency. To get involved with you (Saim Alkan, CEO of AX Semantics), you have to be more than just a little crazy. ?

Seriously, when I heard about this technology from my business partner Christian Meyer in 2015, I found it so incredible that I got on his nerves every 5 minutes to make an immediate appointment in Stuttgart. Since we all spent our Vitas in IT and online marketing, we quickly realized the potential of the topic. After the first meeting in Stuttgart and after careful consideration with my shareholder colleagues, I made a clear investment decision to establish this as an independent division. We already had two core technologies, but we immediately started the AX area with 4 additional resources, without having the first order in our pockets. It was clear to us: We don't want to make a "wash me but don't make me wet" commitment--i.e., only building up resources and know-how when the first customer arrives--because that rarely works. That's why we took full risks and, as an AX partner, we certainly also have a small lead in terms of experience and implementation in large language projects.

What are Unaice's greatest successes?

Clearly our growth and a milestone in 2018 was to win METRO with your international case. While in the public perception it was certainly the cases of Otto and mytheresa. And that we are currently quite effortlessly able to recruit employees, which is due to our special concept of job opportunities, for which we were recently awarded the employer prize "Familie gewinnt".

Which projects do you particularly like to implement?

The project "Save money on the street." By this I mean to develop solutions that no one has ever done before and no one has ever seen before. Organizational development. Optimize processes, remove obstacles. Making processes measurable and partly automated. 

What crazy idea is next?

We are currently building a solution with AX technology to automate the communication of thousands of LinkedIn users, and we are also working with virtual profiles that bring leads. This is already working frighteningly well. We will build a product out of it. 

Thank you so much for the interview.

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