International E-Commerce: Personalization Needed to Drive Sales

AX Semantics' software increases AI driven automatic language generation. The business is a major player for natural language generation cloud services. The AI based software generates automatic texts in 110 languages in seconds. Therefore, it is ideal for e-commerce providers to automate their product catalog production in large quantities across multiple countries. AX Semantics continues to expand internationally and […]

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How to Reduce Return Rates in Your Online Shop - it's so easy!

Saim Alkan found out that 30 % of customers return products, because it does not correspond to the product description. How can copywriters solve this problem?

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How to Boost Your Content Within One Day

Content Marketing is important, without a doubt! But let's be honest, it’s also very difficult to get it done. Where to start? Who is our audience? What are they interested in? How can I publish stories frequently with my small staff? We are about to tell you how to leverage your content marketing potential in […]

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Startup Autobahn, Chatbots and IoT: Interview with Frank Feulner

Frank, what's your conclusion on EXPO Day #5 on the Startup Autobahn? The event was a very pleasant occasion for us, as we were able to present our successfully completed Proof of Concept. After 100 days of work, the excitement was naturally great to present our chatbot, which allows the user to talk to an […]

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