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The Why & How of Content Experience Design – Robert Weller

Imagine you going to a candy store to get some chocolate. You buy a bar, see some licorice drops and cookies you do not like and then leave the store because all the other products are stored in built-in cupboards. Although you would have been willing to buy more sweets,

Automate workflows with UiPath and AX Semantics.

Automate Workflows with UiPath and AX Semantics

AX Semantics content automation software gives you access to the complete Natural Language Generation toolchain: It is 100% SaaS – everything is available from your desk via your web browser, no programming skills needed. Upload your data, configure your ruleset and AX Semantics generates your content. UiPath creates automation that

Video Trends in Content Marketing for 2023

Video has long been established as a medium for content marketing, but new developments in technology and AI can initiate innovative impulses in this field. Tom Vollmer, CEO & Co-Founder of cofenster, a video edition app, has presented on the AXCD 2020 the trends he considered playing an important role in the next two

Sketchnote of the AXCD lecture by Pia Frey.

Do you think questions are that powerful? Pia Frey can tell you

“(…) and to try to love the questions themselves.” Pia Frey, co-founder of Opinary, shares this recommendation of the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke with enthusiasm. In the AXCD talk she describes the great impact of questions on humans. We are profoundly trained to answer questions because unanswered questions will

Human first – Saim Alkans Keynote AXCD 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually replacing humans in many areas. This is the fear of many. But in the end it has to be discussed and weighed up. What would mankind be without technical progress like cars or cell phones? And so the positive aspects of AI for humans should

Welcome to the future: Content Automation on Amazon

Automating content is always useful if you need a large amount of it. But is it possible to create 10 000 product texts, 32 videos and 15 000 product images in a single day? Stefan Gutheil the CEO & Founder of ICONIC SALES can tell you how to do this, because he

Tips for a successful content experience – Interview with Robert Weller

— Reading Time: 3 minutes — At the virtual AXCD 2020, Robert Weller, Director Community & Education and Interim Marketing Director at konversionsKRAFT, spoke as a keynote speaker about content experience design. In this interview, Robert explains what content experience means, how the success of content can be measured and the potential

From wallflower to leading role: The evolution of content in SEO

SEO and text automation have a longer shared history than many other content marketing areas. The SEO experts Björn Darko and Malte Landwehr called to mind the times when very simple spinning systems generated horrible spam content that were basically only produced to feed the search engines with keywords. “SEOs