Quantifying impact of content to your Online Shop

3 Examples how to Quantify the Impact of Content in your eCommerce site

Decisions, Reports and Budgets

For eCommerce Managers and Webshop Product Owners, irrespective of size and success, classic business economics requires thoughtful analysis where to spend the budgets available.

This requires quantification of returns, with the basic idea of allowing predictions for more and future investments.

Looking at successful investments from the past, content marketing leads the charts (See this analysis of successful ecommerce investments 2018 ) with 19% of eCommerce Managers reporting success, and most are continuing their investments in that area.

Is there Data for your content effects?

Quantifying the impact of product descriptions is hard, since changes in content usually require manual labor, disallowing focussed experiments and therefore diluting effects over a large timescale. This makes experiences hard to get for larger scale operations.

Still, some data is available, since some sites use content impact tracking mechanisms, tracking the interaction of visitors with their product descriptions.

Looking at this data, we can easily measure three major effects, proving investments in large scale content efforts as a wise choice for your budgets.


1. Traffic Acquisition: Content drives organic traffic

3 weeks organic traffic increase
  • the content drove a 12% increase in valuable traffic to the webshop
  • while Bounce rate, Pages per session and Duration was kept stable, allowing the conclusion that the added traffic where visitors with the same quality score as the existing traffic

Conclusion: Adding unique product descriptions to your products leads to a valuable traffic increase.


2. Proven Conversion increase for Customers that read the Description

Looking at conversions, we see an increase for customers that had a text available and did actually look at the text had a higher conversion rate in the order basket funnel.

axite conversions

Conclusion: If you make the descriptions so valuable to the user that they read them, they will actually buy your products more.


3. Scaled Content drives SEO visibility at scale

Putting a large amount of content online really helps your SEO efforts:

indexing increase after updating a 2mio content pages

Conclusion: All these effects are available for content at scale, even if you have tens of thousands of products on your site.


Let data drive your investment decisions!

Going back to our initial hypothesis of budget allocation problems: make the effects of your content investments visible, as this will allow you to prove your decisions.


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