5 Use Cases:Header Content Automation in E-Commerce

Saim Alkan’s Top 5 Natural Language Generation Use Cases

Saim Alkan, founder and CEO of AX Semantics, knows the possibilities, challenges and advantages of content automation like no other. Having been an expert in the online editing sector for many years, he has developed a tool that makes it possible for humans and machines to work together in content production in a scalable and efficient way. 

Over 500 companies are already using the software to generate content in over 110 languages. Saim Alkan has summed up 5 top use cases from the year 2021 for us.

Automated Product Descriptions Including Advisor at billiger.de

The price comparison portal billiger.de lists over 50 million prices for more than one million products in categories such as electrical appliances, household electronics, pharmaceuticals, household and garden supplies, fashion, sports and leisure products and automates its product descriptions accordingly

Billiger.de is automating its product descriptions with AX Semantics' software for several years already and thereby adds great value to its customers.
The company uses automation to generate well-structured product descriptions which guide the reader through the product in depth.

Customers will find a short summary at the very beginning of the product descriptions, where the USP is elaborated briefly and meaningfully based on the basic data. The whole description is divided into multiple, well-organized paragraphs, with one section dedicated to each topic, along with an appropriate headline. 

An example of a summary part of a product description generated with the help of AX Semantics' content automation software.

In the section "Worth knowing" readers will find further information and practical tips presented in the form of a bullet point list and ultimately a list of advantages and disadvantages in tabular form.

An example of the "Worth Knowing" section of a product description created using AX Semantics' content automation software.

In the enumeration of the advantages and disadvantages of the respective product, the triggers from the body text are reused in order to present the features again in a short and concise way.

An example of a product description section with advantages and disadvantages of a product, created with the help of AX Semantics' content automation software.

Thanks to the use of content automation, two billiger.de employees were able to generate more than 100,000 well-structured, high-quality product descriptions in just one year, providing readers advice and added value. Simultaneously, the company saves a huge amount of time that would usually be required for the creation of the descriptions. Recently, billiger.de succeeded in increasing its visibility index from 18 to 80between the end of 2018 and 2020, resulting in more traffic and a great success.

An example of the entire product description created using AX Semantics' content automation software.

Generating 1,750,000 Product Descriptions at EURONICS

EURONICS Deutschland eG is a major electronics online store. The cooperative society employs around 11,000 people and consists of around 1,200 members in more than 1,400 locations in Germany and has been using AX Semantics' software since 2015.

EURONICS sells products of home electronics such as computers, cell phones, digital and video cameras, and household appliances such as dishwashers, dryers and freezers. The company's online store is quite large and is constantly being extended with new products. The company requires numerous search engine optimized and conversion-oriented product descriptions for the products. AX Semantics software helps to automatize them.

The generated product descriptions are particularly unique in their text structure, each section having a matching headline. In this way, the detailed description is presented in a clear way and the reader gets a visual anchor. Each product description is composed of body text and bullet point lists. Readers also receive a purchase recommendation at the end of each description, emphasizing the benefits of the respective product.

In 2020 alone, EURONICS generated more than 1,750,000 product descriptions, multiplying human productivity and saving costs, as well as increasing its visibility in search engines.

An example of a product description generated with the help of AX Semantics' content automation software.

Multilingual Product Descriptions at Roboexpert

Roboexpert is an online store specialized in household and garden robots, gardening tools and e-bikes. The company sells quality products from well-known brand manufacturers and is operating in twelve countries, including Germany. A large amount of product descriptions are generated by the company in German and English using AX Semantics' software. The distinctive feature of the automated descriptions is in the fact that the company places the focus on the advantages of the store "Your advantages at Roboexpert" and thus the reader immediately understands why he should place an order with the company.

The advantages that customers have when ordering from Roboexpert are individually highlighted for every product.

The advantage description never repeats itself, rather it is adapted to the product-relevant advantages in each case.

Text bolding helps the customer to read quickly and to identify relevant information easily while skimming the descriptions.

The company saves high costs for the purchaseof external content thanks to the use of AX Semantics software. Simultaneously, the software reduces the workload of the employees, as they no longer have to individually check the content of the product descriptions or proofread them.

Generation of 3,000 Product Descriptions in up to 17 Languages at SkatePro

SkatePro is an online store for skates, scooters, boards, BMX, surf and winter sports that is operating in 25 countries and supports 17 languages.

At SkatePro, one employee is responsible for generating over 3,000 product descriptions across 17 languages with the product description generator. In less than a year, this employee generated a total of 56,000 product descriptions.

It is worth noting that the company managed to increase the content automation of the product range from 16% to 55% in just 3.5 months. Moreover, both organic traffic and Google ranking have increased due to content automation, among other factors. For more information on Skatepro's use case, check out the case study.

An example of a product description generated with the help of AX Semantics' content automation software.

Unique Product Descriptions From the Perspective of the First-Person Narration at GREENALITY

GREENALITY is a company that produces fair, organic, and high-quality clothing and ensures fair working conditions for its retailers throughout the value chain. For every item purchased, the company helps children in Bangladesh by providing them with a school lesson and a perspective on life. 

What's special about GREENALITY's automated content is that it lets the product tell its story from a first-person perspective. In other words, in the product description, the product presents itself, its origin story and its advantages. The company thus manages to immediately build up a connection between reader and product, while addressing the customer in a completely new manner.

An example of a product description generated with the help of AX Semantics' content automation software.


What Is Natural Language Generation? 

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a subfield of artificial intelligence. Natural Language Generation software and structured data can be used to create scalable, powerful, and comprehensive content, as NLG programs analyze structured data and turn it into written content.

What Are the Advantages of Natural Language Generation? 

The automated generation of content has a number of advantages in addition to scalability:

  • Time & Cost Savings
  • Content Freshness  & consistent quality 
  • Rapid expansion into further target markets via multilingualism (110 languages)

Who Can Use Natural Language Generation?

Natural Language Generation software has been increasingly used worldwide by companies and individuals across a variety of fields. In the process, the content to be generated can be aimed at any target groups. Particularly, online marketing experts with large online stores use Natural Language Generation software to automatically generate product descriptions or content for category.

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