Seasonal Business in E-Commerce: 4 Tips on How to Optimally Prepare Your Business

Be it Christmas, Easter, Black Friday or Cyber Monday. There are several days of the year in e-commerce that have real potential for retailers and generate a lot of sales, since many potential customers are particularly eager to buy at this point in time. 

It is crucial to be prepared well in advance to ensure that the seasonal business in online retailing is successful. As companies need a lot of planning and organization during the high-turnover days.

Bernd Vermaaten, CEO at Solute GmbH, gives four valuable tips on how your e-commerce company can make even more of your seasonal business. He particularly refers to the perspective of price comparison portals and paid ads.

Tip 1: High-quality product descriptions through high data quality

All products to be sold in the online store require high-quality descriptions which can be created with the help of high-quality data. High-quality and unique product texts for online stores can be simply generated with a product description generator.
As a result, customers are encouraged to buy an item. At the same time, high-quality product descriptions based on high data quality lead to more conversions. High-quality product images are as important as good product descriptions.

Tip 2: Use the potential of other platforms

For achieving a high coverage of your online store, on the one hand, it is important to use search engine optimization in order to generate as much traffic as possible in organic searches. 

On the other hand, as an online retailer, it is important to use the opportunities offered by other platforms and marketplaces. The offers of the products must therefore always be specifically adapted to the respective requirements of the platform. In the case of ads placed on platforms, it is essential to structure the product range accordingly. That includes, for example, bullet points, features, spelling, headlines, images, and much more. Only then, the product on offer is being played out well and a more potential customers experience a satisfying shopping experience. 

Tip 3: Adapt the advertising budgets in advance & keep them flexible

An increase in search volume and traffic in search engines means that marketing budgets have to be adjusted accordingly. For instance, that is the case during the Christmas season. It is important to note that when your budgets are used up, your offers will no longer be online. Therefore, the budgets must always be flexibly adjusted until the seasonal event. This rules out the possibility of you suddenly being offline and missing out on good business.

Tip 4: Adjust logistics to seasonal business

The preparation for seasonal business is also relevant for the retailer from a logistics perspective. The ordered goods must be delivered to the customer as quickly as possible, but most importantly, on time.
In case of delivery delays, there is a high risk that the customer will cancel the order and lose confidence in the company. For this reason, it is extremely important that the logistics are prepared and the goods are available for purchase in the online store. This goes for external service providers as well.

4 tips from Bernd Vermaaten for a successful seasonal business in the retail sector


The seasonal business in e-commerce should not be taken for granted by any retailer. That’s because the sales potential on these days is enormous and every retailer should take advantage of that.

For this reason, timely preparation and implementation of various measures are of utmost importance. Bernd Vermaaten shows with these four tips that a successful seasonal business in online retail is achievable with a minimum of effort. Thanks to his tips, your customer's shopping experience will improve sustainably. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

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