Felix Beilharz

The 3 aspects of successful content - interview with Felix Beilharz

Felix Beilharz is “one of the leading consultants for online and social media marketing” (RTL) and “one of the best speakers in Germany” (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung). The author of eight books teaches at several universities, gives lectures worldwide and advises and trains companies on the successful use of online marketing and social media instruments.

This year Felix Beilharz is part of the virtual AXCD 2020 as a speaker, so we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

What aspect of content and content marketing is most important to you?

The view from a bird's eye view is especially important to me. Content has to fulfill different functions. It must be made visible, it must convince and it must achieve goals. The most beautiful infographics are worthless if no one sees them and the best video is of little use if no one takes action. All three aspects must be covered. I find it an exciting and very challenging task to ensure this.

"Content has to fulfill different functions. It must be made visible, it must convince and it must achieve goals."

Felix Beilharz

Why should the AXCD attendees watch your talk and what can they expect?

In my talk, we start from the point where the content has already been created and published - now it's about making it visible. In doing so, we focus on the channel "search". The participants will learn how to optimize their search results in the search engines in such a way that they a) rank (i.e. become visible) and b) are clicked (i.e. really get traffic). I will show a lot of specific tips on how to make your snippet, i.e. your search engine results, really appealing and with a strong click-through rate, no matter if it is a how-to article, a blog post or any other kind of content.

As a speaker of the AXCD - what do you expect from the event?

A lot of ideas and approaches for better, more effective and more successful content. And a lot of content love :-).


About the Automation Meets Content Day On October 6th

At the Automation meets Content Day (AXCD) on October 6, 2020, the Content Rockstars will be in the virtual spotlight. Big names and the newcomers of national and international content marketing and content automation are part of the AXCD. They will talk about the opportunities and possibilities of automation in the areas of text, images and video as well as the art of storytelling and the latest trends in search engine optimization. In addition, some companies provide exclusive insights into pioneering use cases.

Who else is on stage next to Felix Beilharz, you can find out on the AXCD website.

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