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Automated Company and Job Descriptions – Interview with Heiko Wohlgemuth

wer-zu-wem Solutions is a job portal with access to all relevant job boards. The background information collected in this way is used to supplement the job portal with statistics and recruiting solutions. So that the collected data can also be used as texts, wer-zu-wem Solutions has chosen content automation with AX Semantics.

What do you use the automated content generation software for?

We use AX Semantics software to generate search engine optimized content with added value from the large amount of background information contained in our database. We started with information texts about companies and the jobs advertised there. To sift this data and to transform it into texts by ourselves is not possible manually.

How many texts have you already generated/are you planning to generate?

At this moment, we have generated over 40,000 descriptions (43,653 to be exact). But that was just the beginning. We still plan to generate industry- and location-specific content, and then we’ll add our statistics. I wouldn’t be surprised if we reached 250,000 descriptions.

What problem/challenge do you solve with the AX Semantics software?

The volume of data we have per company is unimaginable. On top of that, we also have information on job vacancies from other job portals. To generate content from all this information – especially on this scale – is not possible or would be prohibitively time-consuming and cost-intensive.

AX Semantics isn’t free and learning the software requires a time investment, but once a content framework is in place, it’s easy to scale. We created our first text type with just 100 sample records and then generated forty thousand times more with one click.

How many people in which roles work with AX Semantics?

Currently, our copywriter is in complete charge of content production. However, she gets support from our customer success manager at AX Semantics in video calls.

What plans do you have for the future (more text types, languages, etc.)?

We want to offer statistics about the developments on the job market not only graphically, but also in text form. In addition, the already generated content should be optimized.

About AX Semantics

AX Semantics is a user-friendly Natural Language Generation (NLG) software that makes content generation scalable – in 110 languages. Unique and meaningful sports reports can be generated based on data. The software is 100 percent SaaS – meaning that all functions are available via the application in the web browser. No programming knowledge is required to use it.

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