How hmmh Improved the Online Presentation of their Clients & Expanded their Portfolio

Reduced Costs for Customers

hmmh's clients were able to save a lot of money due to automated content. Customers reported a cost reduction of up to 85%.

Clients Save Time

hmmh's customers reduced the average time needed for content creation by up to 82%.

Extended Portfolio

The cooperation with AX Semantics enabled hmmh to extend their portfolio of technologies in the field of NLG.


hmmh is one of the leading online marketing agencies in connected commerce and supports businesses in their digital transformation. hmmh was founded in Bremen, Germany, and has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. They work with national as well as international partners.

The Case

Intense competition exists within the e-commerce sector. hmmh helps to improve the internationalization, scalability, personalization and real-time generation of their customers' digital representation. Because high-quality content is a vital part of the digital presentation in e-commerce.

The Challenge

hmmh wanted to maximize the potential of its customers and set out to help them face their challenges in expanding and optimizing their online presentation. They also needed content that was scalable.
To meet their customers challenges, hmmh needed a solution that:
  • Generates high-quality descriptions of e-commerce products and provides marketing automation
  • Works seamlessly alongside editors
  • Provides a transparent pricing model
  • Ensures easy handling, simple onboarding and positive results

The Solution

The hmmh team knew they needed to find a way to automate content in order to expand their portfolio and maximize the potential success of its customers. So they decided to use AX Semantics.

AX Semantics provided hmmh with a sophisticated, yet easy to use SaaS-based software that gave them access to automated content generation and the ability to effortlessly create high-quality content that extended their existing services. AX Semantics empowered hmmh with the ability to:

  • Provide digital innovations to help its customers
  • Extend hmmh’s portfolio of technologies in the area of NLG
  • Help its customers take the step into hybrid editing
  • Deliver technologically mature software with easy handling and good results
  • Ensure good documentation and accessibility

Furthermore, hmmh took part in extensive on-site training with AX Semantics to fully understand and incorporate the AX Semantics content generation software. 

The Results

hmmh customers were able to see results in three areas:
  • Financial/ROI: For hmmh customers, the switch from handwritten content to automated content made financial sense in terms of price point and time saving. One customer, from the fashion industry, reported a reduction in average text creation costs by 85%.
  • Increased Conversions/Time Savings: After the integration of AX Semantics’ software, hmmh customers increased conversion rates, with one DIY customer noting a reduction in average time to content by 82%.
  • Customer Satisfaction: All of hmmh’s customers reported that they benefit from the automated content generation. Therefore, they are benefiting from the partnership between hmmh and AX Semantics.
Utilizing the materials and software AX Semantics provided, hmmh was able to take the knowledge and software provided by AX Semantics and incorporated it into their company. Therefore, they were able to help their e-commerce customers to attain greater success with content generation. Additionally, the hmmh team responsible for text automation continues to expand its knowledge and partnership with AX Semantics to develop innovative and reliable solutions to enable hmmh’s customers to create high-quality content within the e-commerce market.


hmmh is one of the leading online marketing agencies in connected commerce and supports businesses in their digital transformation. hmmh was founded in Bremen, Germany, and has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. They work with national as well as international partners.

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