How Hospitality Digital by METRO Achieves More Efficiency Through Automated Listings

Higher Visibility in Search Engines

High quality content results in a higher visibility in search engines. This leads to more restaurant reservations.

Multilingual Content

The company has generated high-quality content in 15 languages.

Time Savings

The automation of restaurant listings relieves the content team.

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Hospitality Digital was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of METRO AG. The company supports hotels, restaurants and caterers with digital solutions to increase their overall success.

The Case

More than 220,000 restaurateurs in 16 countries are using the competitive and innovative digital solutions that Hospitality Digital offers. The software helps to improve the overall business results. That is also done by content creation that Hospitality Digital is providing for 50,000 of these restaurateurs. The content is produced in 15 different languages.

The Challenge

Hospitality Digital was faced with the major challenge to create and automate website content for restaurants more efficiently. In the past, the company had to spend a lot of time creating content for their customers, the restaurateurs. In addition, the poor performance in terms of website traffic and visibility in search engines was a challenge that the company wanted to improve. That’s why Hospitality Digital decided to take a step towards automation.

Their goals:

  • Generate high-quality and multilingual content for all 50,000 customers
  • Be able to update content quickly and on scale
  • Improve website traffic and search engine visibility to get more reservations for the restaurants
  • Increase the speed of content creation

The Solution

The Hospitality Digital (METRO) team knew they needed to find a way to support restaurants with automated website content. So they decided to use AX Semantics.
  1. Automation of restaurant listings

    With the AX Semantics content automation software, Hospitality Digital can automatically generate content for restaurant websites based on structured data. After the initial configuration, the copywriters are able to generate unique and search engine optimized content with individual wording and style.
  2. Multilingual content

    With AX Semantics, content automation can easily be done in 110 languages. This means that Hospitality Digital was able to generate listings in the language their customers needed. The rules and logics the content generation is based on can be taken over from the source language, so that the implementation of other languages is realized even faster. This is a huge advantage for all international companies of Hospitality Digital, as translation processes are often complex and lengthy and translation tools do not deliver the desired quality.
  3. Always up-to-date content

    When information about the restaurants changes, it is necessary to adapt the content as well. But to do this manually is very time-consuming. With the help of AX Semantics, the company can now implement changes directly and centrally in the tool and roll them out to all relevant texts in all languages. This saves a lot of time and the content is always up-to-date.
Example of automatically generated content for a restaurant website
Example of automatically generated content for a restaurant website

The Results

Since choosing AX Semantics, the company has generated unique and high-quality listings for their 50,000 customers in 15 languages. Furthermore, Hospitality Digital was able to massively reduce the time and effort required to create listings and, therefore, to relieve their content team drastically. Another very positive consequence of the content automation is that the website traffic and Google rankings have increased immensely. And, last but not least, Hospitality Digital is saving costs for manual translations they needed for the generation of listings for the restaurants they serve and support.
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Hospitality Digital was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of METRO AG. The company supports hotels, restaurants and caterers with digital solutions to increase their overall success.

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