How SkatePro Generates Thousands of Product Descriptions in 17 Languages

Translation Cost Savings

Manual translation costs are saved in the long term when it comes to creating product descriptions.

Reduced Time to Market

Skatepro has significantly reduced the time-to-market in the respective languages.

Consistent Content Quality

The text quality is consistent across all required languages. This is especially helpful for SEO.


SkatePro is an online shop for skates, scooters, boards, BMX, surf, and winter sports. In 1996, the company started selling skate equipment under the founder’s bed from a warehouse.

The Case

SkatePro have localized websites in 25 countries, are supported by 17 languages, and offer 20,000+ products.

The Challenge

The company faced the challenge of manually creating thousands of high-quality product descriptions in 17 languages. Based on one estimate, it would probably take 3-5 years to do this manually. Creating product descriptions manually was thus not an option. Without content automation, the product descriptions would only exist in English or not at all.Their goals:
  • Generate high-quality product descriptions in 17 languages for all products
  • Increase the speed of product description creation and thereby significantly shorten the time-to-market for a product
  • Positively impact customer service
  • Increase the number of conversions

The Solution

The SkatePro team knew they needed to find a way to generate high-quality product descriptions in several languages. So they decided to use the content automation software AX Semantics.
  1. Automation of product descriptions with added value

    With the AX Semantics content automation software, SkatePro can automatically generate product descriptions automatically based on structured data. The ruleset configuration and the content arein the hands of a SkatePro employee who knows their products best. This means that the experienced staff of SkatePro can excellently implement the specific requirements for text quality.
  2. Fast content generation in multiple languages

    It is possible to generate automated texts in over 110 languages with AX Semantics. The team of SkatePro needs content in 17 different languages. The big advantage of multilingual projects: Semantic rules are created in AX Semantics independently of the language and can therefore be applied to any language. This has excellent synergy effects so that the implementation of additional languages brings extra scaling. SkatePro works with 17 in-house translators. They no longer have to translate every text, but only one text element. This has the advantage that a very high text quality is achieved in all necessary languages, and the company saves a lot of money.
  3. Fast time to market

    With AX Semantics, the team can generate new descriptions at the push of a button. This shortens the time until a product can go live enormously.
  4. Always up-to-date texts & consistent text quality

    Every 24 hours, the team refreshes all data that form the basis for the content generation. This results in the fact that the texts always have up-to-date information. The team proceeds from category to category, starting with the oldest automatically created categories. In addition, the quality of the texts is consistent across all required languages. This is especially helpful for SEO. All necessary specifications are integrated into the tool.

The Results

SkatePro has generated around 71,400 product descriptions for 60 product categories in 17 languages using AX Semantics' content automation software.A noteworthy fact is that the company has managed to increase the content automation of the product range from 16% to 55% in only 3.5 months.After using automated content, several positive effects have happened:
  1. It significantly reduced the time-to-market in the respective languages.
  2. The organic traffic and Google ranking have increased due to content automation, among other things.
  3. Long-term savings of manual translation costs for generating product descriptions.
  4. Improved accuracy of content reduces the amount of pre-sales product support.
The number of keywords with top rankings has significantly increased in the last year, with a visible jump. It suggests that content automation is doing its part, alongside other SEO activities, and COVID-19 has boosted online commerce. However, since content automation generates a significant amount of positive effects in a short period of time, it can be assumed that this activity makes a large contribution to this result in the future.


SkatePro is an online shop for skates, scooters, boards, BMX, surf, and winter sports. In 1996, the company started selling skate equipment under the founder’s bed from a warehouse.
Skatepro Increase Organic Keywords

Skatepro has increased the the number of keywords with top rankings thanks to automated product descriptions.

How To Automate Product Descriptions In E-Commerce

Whitepaper about the topic: Automation of product texts in e-commerce
Skatepro Jacob Biegel

Tudor from Skatepro about the company's success with automated product descriptions in 17 languages

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