How Tink Increases Google Visibility by 200%

200% Increase in Google Visibility

The visibility on Google of the product category “lawnmowers” has increased by 200%. In addition, SEO-optimized FAQs increased the visibility of the product page.

Time and Cost Savings

The company's content marketing manager can now create all the descriptions herself without external support.

Multilingual Content

Implementation of product descriptions for 3 different product categories in 2 languages.

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Tink (ex roboexpert) is an online store for household and garden robots, gardening tools, and e-bikes.

The Case

The company sells quality products from renowned brand manufacturers and is active in twelve countries and Germany. They need a large amount of product descriptions in English and German for many products and of high-quality.

The Challenge

Tink faced the challenge of creating a lot of multilingual product descriptions for its online store. The company had high costs from buying external content because of having many products. In addition, purchasing the content externally was time-consuming, as each content had to be reviewed and proofread.

Their goals:

  • Create multilingual product descriptions & informative FAQs in a short time
  • Implement further content types
  • Update product descriptions at any time with little effort
  • Save costs
  • Reduce the workload of employees

The Solution

The company knew it had to find a way to create content at a reasonable price in multiple languages and make life easier for the employees. So it decided to use AX Semantics.
  1. Automation of product descriptions

    The in-house content marketing manager can successfully create all German product descriptions herself without any support from an external agency, by automating product descriptions. Coordination and feedback loops are no longer necessary so that the content creation process is very efficient.
  2. Generation of multilingual content

    A second employee works on the adoption of the project into English. The big advantage is that all rules and logics can be used from the German project. Only the language parts have to be adopted by a native speaker. That’s why it is possible to add new languages even faster than the first one, and the time savings are immense. The AX Semantics software knows the grammar of 110 languages and thus enables multilingual text generation in high quality.
  3. Enrichment of product descriptions with FAQs

    Content automation makes it possible for the company's product descriptions to be easily enriched and optimized by answering frequently asked questions (FAQs). FAQs are a compilation of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers about the product. In terms of content, for example, questions about the advantages of the product, but also general questions about delivery time or shipping costs are answered. With the AX Semantics software, roboexpert generates search engine optimized FAQs for every product page. This, in turn, leads to an increased visibility of their products and a better user experience on the product page.
  4. High-quality content generation

    With the help of AX Semantics, it is no longer necessary to buy content from an external party. A stable and high-quality over all content is guaranteed because the company’s staff configures the statements and rules in the AX software itself. The tool follows the defined rules, applies the correct grammar of the respective language and generates a text for each data set.

The Results

After only a short time, the company was able to achieve great results through the use of automated content generation:
  • The company generated over 300 multilingual product descriptions in English and German for products from 3 different categories.
  • In the first 3 months since the product descriptions were published, the visibility of the respective product category on Google has increased by 200%.
  • After the Google Core Update in June 2021, roboexpert increased the overall visibility with their domain by half.
  • The company reduces costs and saves a lot of time by automating its product descriptions.
  • If tricky questions are answered exactly before the purchase, additional trust can be built up and the probability of purchase can be increased. Furthermore, FAQs offer an SEO advantage because they appear as questions (rich snippets) in a prominent place on the SERP (results display).
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Tink (ex roboexpert) is an online store for household and garden robots, gardening tools, and e-bikes.

Tink has increased the shop category's Google visibility index by 200% thanks to automated content generation.

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