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10 Content Marketing Analytics Tools That Finally Do What You Need

Today this article by HubSpot on the topic of Content Marketing crossed our path: 70% of companies are actively investing in content marketing, and 60% regard it as an important part of overall strategic planning. These points emphasize the need for a strong content marketing strategy.
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Despite budget cuts, CMOs still bullish on marketing automation investments

Just now we have become aware of this post with the main focus Marketing Automation published by Marketing Land: Even as marketing spend continues to fall through 2021 due to COVID-19, Forrester expects marketing automation investments will see a slight lift. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
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How Website Speed, SEO, Content, and Schema Affect Rankings [STUDY]

Today this new post by Semrush on the topic of SEO content crossed our path: In this study about positioning yourself in the SERPs, you will learn a few interesting facts that will help you, your website, and your business grow. I am going to show you how structured data, website speed, and the quality of your copywriting can affect your rankings.
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How to Do Diverse and Inclusive Content Marketing That Matters

Be sure to check out this article by Content Marketing Institute with a focus on Content Marketing: Truly diverse and inclusive content marketing – the kind that resonates with your audience – requires far more than an image. It requires deep thinking, from audience research to team structure, from a style guide to user experience.
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5 Content Marketing Ideas for July 2020

An interesting article​ about ​Content Marketing:
The coronavirus pandemic will likely influence July 2020 activities. But that shouldn't stop you from publishing seasonally appropriate content marketing.
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25 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions in Content Marketing

An interesting article​ about ​Content Marketing:
Are you asked a lot of questions about content marketing by your executives or clients? Want a handy dandy cheat sheet to those questions? We are here to help. Read on for 25 of the most frequently asked questions (and their answers).
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Renew Your Business Operations With Digital Transformation

Be sure to read this article by G2 with a focus on digital transformation: In today's modern business environment, advancing technology has continually reshaped the way companies operate.
You can find the whole article in the G2​ Blog.

How Yamaha changed its tune with its digital transformation strategy

We found an interesting article about digital transformation: The brand’s martech leader Athan Billias says Yamaha uses data to connect with customers on an emotional level. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
You can find the whole article in the Marketing Land​ Blog.

The Ultimate SEO Copywriting Guide

Semrush published an interesting article about copywriting:
This guide will help you create content that will be useful for both people and search engines. You will learn SEO copywriting strategies and best practices.
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