Digital Transformation in the Travel Industry: Find Your Competitive Edge with Automated SEO Content

Digital change in the travel industry is accelerating: more and more people book trips online. This is the conclusion of the latest study by a German digital tourism association called the Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V. (VIR). In the last ten years, the number of online travel bookings has more than doubled.

More digital than analog bookings

For the first time, more long holiday trips were booked online (42 percent) than in a person-to-person conversation such as in a travel agency or on the phone (40 percent). For short vacations, 67 percent used online booking. According to the study, an even greater increase in digital bookings is likely in the coming years. Also of note: 22 percent of people are already booking their trips with their smartphones or tablets. The introduction and spread of mobile payment could lead to an even greater increase in digital bookings.

What does this mean for travel portals on the Internet?

As demand rises, so does supply. And that means more competition. Michael Buller, CEO of VIR, predicts that travel companies will have to adapt to radical changes, including new business models and the use of artificial intelligence. Even the big fish in the travel industry will have to go with the changes and reinvent themselves. Otherwise, they risk sharing the fate of Airbnb, recently overtaken by HomeToGo in terms of SEO.

Stand out from the crowd: auto-generate unique hotel descriptions, holiday offers, and more.

A successful and, above all, visible website is essential for taking the lead against the competition. Your company can stand out from the crowd by offering individual and user-oriented content. How is that possible with thousands of holiday offers, hotels, and destinations? It’s actually very simple with automated text generation from AX Semantics:

  1. Import your data – hotels, holiday offers, locations, etc. – into the AX NLG Cloud.
  2. Teach the software how to generate statements from your data: you define the tone, length, and quality of the text yourself.
  3. Generate unique content for all your pages within seconds and gain a competitive edge!

An example:

Before using AX Semantics:
An online booking platform for holiday accommodations around the world had no resources to write meaningful descriptions of their accommodations. Users had to look up long feature lists, and the website lagged behind competitors in search engines like Google.

Boring feature lists that neither Google nor the reader likes.

With AX Semantics:
Now the customer generates automatic descriptions for nearly 3 million accommodations with AX Semantics – in many different languages. New accommodations can be provided with descriptive text within seconds.

Unique hotel descriptions that have a positive effect on visibility and visitor numbers


The results of automating text production: a significant increase in the number of indexed pages on Google and the number of visitors to the portal.

+400 % of indexed pages after the implementation of the AX NLG Cloud

Interested in the full case study?

Make the digital transformation your friend

It’s important not to fear digital change because, in fact, it offers many opportunities. Instead, you can make it your friend and exploit its potential. No human editor can write millions of content items manually – so let your editor work with our tool to generate your content automatically! With the automated text creation tool, everyone benefits: your readers from informative content and your company from more visitors, better rankings, and a higher conversion rate!


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