Automated SEO Landing Pages in up to 110 Languages

With AX Semantics, you generate unique, multilingual and high-quality SEO landing pages incredibly fast.

Unique Content

Use the software's variance features to generate thousands of unique texts and avoid duplicate content.

Consistent Quality

You control the text design: Configure text, wording, and tone only once. After that, consistent quality is guaranteed according to your text briefings.

Up-to-date Content

Update your content and implement new SEO requirements - scalable for all landing page texts.


Create compelling SEO landing page content, including keywords, meta information, and HTML tags as you deliver real added value to your website visitors.

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What are the Benefits of Automated SEO Landing Pages with AX Semantics?

Unique and meaningful content for landing pages is an important lever for increasing search engine visibility and, therefore, sales. It is important to create content not only for search engines, but first and foremost for readers. Use AX Semantics to automatically generate high-quality content for landing pages in a scalable and fast way – in up to 110 languages.

With AX Semantics, you can
- create landing pages that comply with SEO guidelines to boost rankings
- achieve more traffic through increased visibility
- reduce copywriting costs through automation
- save significant time with scalable content generation
- update content to the latest SEO requirements for all pages at the push of a button
- achieve consistent high quality across all your SEO landing page texts

How to Create Automated SEO Landing Pages with AX Semantics in just 3 Steps

To create automated SEO landing pages, you need structured data as an information base. Then you configure rules and statements in your preferred style and use the software’s variation features to ensure that no duplicate content is created. The result is meaningful, search-optimized content in up to 110 languages.

1. Upload Your

Upload your data such as features, location data, keywords, etc. (depending on the topic) into the AX platform to create the information base for your content.

2. Configure Your

Define in the AX software how the uploaded data should appear and be interpreted in the texts. The text design is in your hands.

3. Generate Unique
Landing Pages

Generate thousands of unique texts in many languages for all your data sets at the push of a button. You can update and regenerate your content as often as you need, or expand your content to additional languages.
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Learn from the Best: Over 500 Companies use AX Semantics

More than 500 companies already use AX Semantics for automated and scalable content generation. And their success proves them right, as the example of Toolbrothers Powertools GmbH shows: By using AX Semantics, Toolbrothers' visibility in search engines improved dramatically in just a few months.

Since we started using AX Semantics, our visibility in search engines has improved tremendously.

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