GPT-Powered Writing
for Epic Product Texts

Unlock the true potential of your creativity with our ML(Machine Learning)-powered and GPT-based features! Transform your content creation journey and dive into a new writing experience with our two groundbreaking enhancements: Statement Suggestions and Alternative Text Suggestions.
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Creativity Boost

Unlock your creativity with our two GPT-powered features that help you enhance your creativity as well as overcome writer’s block and creative slumps to produce the best content possible.

Time Savings

With ML-powered text suggestions generated with GPT, texts are drafted easily and quickly. With our Alternative Text Suggestions feature, you can choose one or multiple of the generated text alternatives and save a lot of time in setting up your text project.

Multiple Languages

GPT-powered suggestions are available in multiple languages, giving the convenience of creating text suggestions in many languages that are available on the platform of AX Semantics.

Greater Efficiency

Combine the Statement Suggestions feature with our Container Suggestions tool to quickly and efficiently create highly dynamic product content. This speeds up your content creation process and allows you to effortlessly create impactful and engaging product texts for your e-commerce business.

More Text Variety

At the touch of a button, you can instantly generate up to 10 alternative suggestions for any text and select the alternatives you like with a single click. Branches are automatically created for each alternative, allowing you to explore multiple options and uncover the perfect fit for your content.

Data Privacy

The GPT API allows us to generate text based on your text, data, containers, and variables. This ensures that you only get customized text that matches your content. However, if you wish to exclude your project data from external services such as OpenAI, you can easily opt-out.

Epic Product Descriptions: Two GPT-Powered Writing Features That Transform Your Text Generation Process

Our two features, Statement Suggestions and Alternative Text Suggestions, seamlessly integrate into your text generation workflow on the AX Semantics platform. They revolutionize your ability to craft impactful product texts with enhanced variety and efficiency.
Statement Suggestions: Ignite Your Creativity

Statement Suggestions: Ignite Your Creativity

This dynamic GPT-powered writing feature enables you to craft impactful follow-up statements or text suggestions from scratch that seamlessly align with your existing text and variables. Whether you’re striving to compose captivating fashion item descriptions or cutting-edge tech reviews, Statement Suggestions infuses your writing with innovative text suggestions. Maximize the potential of this tool by combining it with the Container Suggestions feature, enabling you to scale your text project and captivate your audience.

✔️ Based on your existing text along with your variables, the GPT-powered writing tool suggest the perfect follow-up statement
✔️ You can get statement suggestions from scratch, based on your product data

Alternative Text Suggestions: Embrace Boundless Variety

Enter a new era of content creation with this transformative feature. With a single click, you can explore up to 10 creative, GPT-generated alternatives for any selected text using the intuitive inline toolbar. Break free from monotony and unlock a universe of ideas. Generate distinct branches for each alternative, creating content that stands out from the sea of convention. The perfect match for your narrative is just a click away – select, click, choose, and watch your content thrive.

✔️ Get up to 10 alternatives for any selected text
✔️ Generate creative variations for your selected text using the AX inline toolbar
✔️ Create branches for each alternative at the touch of a button and choose the perfect fit for your content
✔️ Select any text suggestions and get your favorite alternatives

How to Transform Your Text Creation Process
with GPT-Powered Writing Suggestions

Just login to the AX Semantics platform and enable ML-powered Suggestions in your Advanced Settings. Then, you're ready to go! You'll see the new features in the Writer, where you can start using them right away. If you don't want to use the new GPT features, you can easily opt-out by nchecking the External Service Providers boxes.
ML-powered suggestions are currently available for the following languages: 

Catalan (ca-ES), Chinese (zh-), Croatian (hr-), Danish (da-DK), Dutch (nl-), English (en-), Finnish (fi-FI), French (fr-), German (de-), Greek (el-GR), Italian (it-IT), Japanese (ja-JP), Korean (ko-KO), Latin (la-VA), Lithuanian (lt-LT), Macedonian (mk-MK), Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO), Polish (pl-PL), Portuguese (pt-), Romanian (ro-RO), Russian (ru-RU), Serbian (sr-RS), Slovenian (sl-SI), Spanish (es-), Swedish (sv-SE), Ukrainian (uk-UA).

AX Founder Saim Alkan Shows in This Demo Webinar
how GPT-based Writing Works 

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