How Cloud Technology is Shaping the Future of Data – An interview with Ben Rund from Riversand

What does Riversand do – explained in a way that my Facebook friends understand?

In a nutshell: Riversand offers the only Cloud-native MDM and PIM solution the market. Cloud technology enables online shopping and commerce.
The following two videos from Arco and the DIY chain Maxeda illustrate this very well.

So you are specialized in product information management systems – what does such a PIM system actually cost?

Although it is not polite to talk about money in general, we’re going to make an exception today. Ultimately, what matters is the overall value to the customer: higher conversion rates, lower returns, better revenue per shopping cart, or efficiency in handling thousands or millions of products. A PIM is essential for the sale of products. Companies should take a look at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over a period of three to ten years. There are often hidden costs for upgrades that are not openly communicated. Riversand‘s packaged solution, which is an out-of-the-box offerings, starts at 40,000€ per year. That is great value because customers benefit from the most innovative platform on the market, and when they need a more customized solution, they can seamlessly move to the next level offering.

I keep hearing PIM systems are complicated.

Why do people love Apple? It’s easy and intuitive to use. My parents, who are over 60, easily adopt thier technology. That’s how we do it; We offer a simple out-of-the-box solution with minimal IT intervention. It can be easily personalized through configuration, and easily expanded through additional apps as their business evolves. This ensures great flexibility. For example, I use Google Maps on my iPhone rather than Apple’s map. The CxOs, who need flexibility to adapt to their environment, prefers this type of solution.

Why does Cloud computing change everything?

Without the Cloud, we wouldn’t be using any of Spotify or Netflix. For Microsoft or Amazon, the Cloud is the most important growth driver today. The Cloud offers everyone easy access to information or grants the opportunity to start a business. Using Shopify, for example, I can become an online merchant today. The Internet has made everyone a publicist, while the Cloud has made everyone an entrepreneur. The Cloud allows new business models, such as Uber or other known services. This speed and flexibility, coupled with the security of Microsoft and data centers in Germany now also enables PIM / MDM to make more money with information.

Are German small and medium-sized enterprises really as conservative as everyone says?

A lot of people say it’s complicated. If the German SME sector wants to remain the driver and key to the success of the German economy, entrepreneurs must open up new avenues, especially business owners. The handover to the next generation is a breath of fresh air in this regard. When it comes to electric mobility or school education, Scandinavia is always seen as a role model. For me, this mainly refers to openness and the courage to do new things and different, especially in digital.

In addition to MDM & PIM, the industry is now now talking about Product Experience Management (PXM) – what is the difference?

All these acronyms (laughs). I think we need another interview for that. If you want to read it, I recommend my current blog.

Why is the partnership between AX Semantics and Riversand so extraordinary?

The joint offer is not for the timid; It is used by innovators. The cooperation between Riversand and AX Semantics, is a win-win situation for everyone. With the help of our PIM solutions, our customers improve their data, which in turn enables them to perform more thorough analyses. At the same time, high-quality data can be used for automated content creation. This enables a reduction in marketing costs, faster time to market and also internationalization. In addition, the intelligent creation of product content can lead to better conversions and fewer product retour in the e-Commerce sector. This makes the collaboration particularly sustainable in multiple sectors.

For those who want to learn more about PIM and MDM, I highly recommend attending Riversand Confluence, which is is an annual event bringing together technology influencers with the agenda to shape the future of Cloud-native Master Data Management.

Another great event is the Automated Text & Content Day in Berlin, which is an annual event that focuses on content, content marketing and content automation. It’s a great place to learn why artificial intelligence (AI) only works when high-quality data is available.

Finally, the question: How is Riversand’s market presence and growth developing in Germany and Europe?

In the first part of 2019, we grew subscription revenues in Europe by almost 400 percent, and we are quite proud of those results. Riversand customers are internationally well-known brands headquartered in Germany, France, and the Nordics. Our growth is also reflected in opening new offices in Paris, Stuttgart and London, and above all in the strong growth of our partner landscape. We have established reliable implementation partners in all of Europe’s strong economic regions.

About Ben Rund

Ben Rund is the vice president of Business Development for Riversand in Europe since 2017. He has extensive experience in the PIM space and previously worked for Infomratica and Heiler Software AG. Ben earned his degree in media economics. Follow Ben on Twitter: @benrund


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