How Online Shops Like Schäfershop Benefit From Automated Product Descriptions

Schäfer Shop is a leading European B2B office supply company that uses the AX Semantics Software to generate meaningful product descriptions.

The results through the use of AX Semantics


The average price per product description with manual writing was 26 €. By using AX Semantics, these costs have dropped to 3€.

Productivity Increase

Thanks to the use of content automation software, the editors produce 30,000 texts per year instead of 2,000.

Increase of Order Sizes

The shopping cart value has increased by an average of 10% thanks to the generated product descriptions.

Happy Copywriters

The copywriters are happy about the relief AX Semantics offers them for repetitive writing tasks.


An example: detailed product advice in the product description

This text shows one of thousands of unique product descriptions generated by the Schäfershop team with AX Semantics. The editors have implemented a detailed product consultation with the software, which supports the visitor in choosing the right product.
Schäfershop Produktbeschreibung
Hyperpersonalized content

Transform your data into meaningful product descriptions

AX Semantics is a self-service Natural Language Generation (NLG) software that makes the writing of product descriptions scalable. You can generate scalable product descriptions automatically in up to 110 languages.

How does it work?

1. Upload your

Upload data like product features and information from your PIM system or other source to form the information base for your content.

2. Configure your

Implement your desired product description project and define how your uploaded data should appear and be interpreted in the texts.

3. Generate unique
product descriptions

Generate thousands of individual texts for all your data records at the touch of a button. You can update and regenerate your content as often as you like.

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and when it pays off?

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Automation of product texts in e-commerce
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