Automated & personalized Product Descriptions

In this case study, find out what success the online shop Metav Werkzeuge has achieved with the automated personalisation of product texts and thus revolutionized customer communication.
personalized content for each visitor of a website

The Challenge

Metav Werkzeuge GmbH sells highly technical tools and has more than 25,000 articles from the fields of measuring technology, microscopy or cutting technology on offer. Stephan Bayer, the company's managing director, invests a lot of energy in the strategy of making a difference for his customers in the online market and thereby holding his own against the e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay and Co.

That's why the company focuses on automated product descriptions that are used to make exactly this difference. They enable the company to offer products faster than the competition in the online shop with an informative description. With the personalisation of these texts, Metav Werkzeuge has now ventured the next step - with considerable success.

Metav's Successes Through the Use of AX Semantics

Increase Conversions

After just one month, Metav Werkzeuge has already recorded a 57 percent increase in the number of incoming orders thanks to the use of personalized product descriptions.

Time Saving

Automated content generation with AX Semantics scales the process of writing. It saves content teams up to 80 % time for repetitive writing tasks like product descriptions.

Unique & High Quality Texts

Whether hundreds or thousands of products - thanks to content automation and personalization, each product receives unique and high-quality content. This creates trust with readers.

Stephan Bayer - Metav Werkzeuge GmbH

How Automated Content Personalization Works

AX Semantics is a user-friendly SaaS solution that consists of several components: automated content generation, data analysis (metrics), and personalization. This combination enables a data-based, automated generation of personalized product descriptions:

1. Data Gathering

Once a user is on your site, behavioral data is collected (e.g. product visits, customer status, time & location). By storing personal data on-site only, no personal information of a user is transmitted anywhere.

2. Data Analysis

Behavioral and psychographic data is analyzed with AX Metrics. It serves as the basis to identify the content objective and to generate unique content that is hyper-personalized for the user.

3. Content Generation

Based on the evaluations and the content objective, AX Natural Language Generation software drafts and generates personalized content.

4. Display Content

The on-site personalized text is displayed to the user.

An Example: Product Description for a First-Time Visitor

The software distinguishes between 5 customer typologies, each of which is at a different point in the customer journey and therefore has different intentions: If a visitor is on a product page for the first time, a suitable text is displayed accordingly. The aim of this text is to gain the trust of the interested user. After all, customers who are first being inspired have a different need for information than those who have already made their purchase decision or those who are comparing products and providers.
Product description MetavThis automatically generated product description shows a variant that is displayed to a first-time visitor to the shop. It contains information that is intended to strengthen his trust in the shop.

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