How to Automate Product & Category Descriptions in E-Commerce

Find out why it pays off to invest in high-quality product descriptions

The manual creation of high-quality product descriptions is time-consuming and cost-intensive for online commerce. By using text automation, it is possible to create unique and high-quality content in several languages in a short time. This can increase the conversion rate, reduce the return rate and increase visibility in search engines. For companies, this results a competitive advantage, which has a direct impact on the success of the company.

This whitepaper gives you an overview of how you can automate product texts and shows why the investment is a success.

  • Factors for Successful Product Texts
  • Economic Relevance of Product Texts
  • Product Data as a Driver for Attractive Product Texts
  • Return on Investment - Reasons why Text Automation works well
  • KPI's for Performance Measurement

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The investment in content automation is definitely worthwhile. It is important that companies establish content as a permanent process and not as a project. The cycle "implement, measure, optimize, generate" should always be maintained.

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