Human first – Saim Alkans Keynote AXCD 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually replacing humans in many areas. This is the fear of many. But in the end it has to be discussed and weighed up.

What would mankind be without technical progress like cars or cell phones? And so the positive aspects of AI for humans should be clearly highlighted. The hybrid form, i.e. an interplay of man and machine, can relieve us in our daily work and at the same time create the necessary freedom.

The need for more and more content

The ever increasing demands on content production are increasingly driven by effectiveness and efficiency. The need for increasing conversion rates or improved SEO data requires the constant optimization of content. The content production does not stop. 

At the same time many of these processes are repetitive and time consuming. They take up all of our time and the space for creative processes is shrinking. This is where AI can help: it takes over the repetitive and perhaps stupid processes such as updating content and writing repetitive texts, while humans can devote themselves to creative thinking and idea forging


  • Photography for example is a dream for every photographer. But in retouching, there are many things that need to be done a hundred times over – the AI can take care of them for us. 
  • Journalists love research. But writing hundreds of texts on particulate matter in Stuttgart’s districts or countless election reports is just as banal as formulating vast amounts of product texts. 

Cooperation between man and machine

So if the AI can help here, why not? How can the colleague computer actually be helpful in the creative process? How does he relieve me and still let me enjoy my job? 

This is the idea behind the keyword “hybrid editing” and the approach of “human first” – the motto of the AXCD 2020.

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