Human first - Saim Alkans Keynote AXCD 2020

Human first - Saim Alkans Keynote AXCD 2020

The ever increasing demands on content production are increasingly driven by effectiveness and efficiency. The need for increasing conversion rates or improved SEO data requires the constant optimization of content. The content production does not stop. 

At the same time many of these processes are repetitive and time consuming. They take up all of our time and the space for creative processes is shrinking. This is where AI can help: it takes over the repetitive and perhaps stupid processes such as updating content and writing repetitive texts, while humans can devote sixth to creative thinking and idea forging. 

Combination of human and machine

Content production today is often driven by effectiveness and efficiency. The feedback we receive about data such as conversion rates or SEO data requires us to approach our customers with constantly new content and reinvent ourselves. 

At the same time, many of the processes in which we work are inherited and have proven themselves over a long period of time. Do we want to allow all of these processes to be adapted to the AI or is there a way to perhaps shape the workspace of creativity of content creation in such a way that the AI finds its place but that we continue to feel comfortable?


I would like to make a short excursion to a different topic, namely motoring.  Of course, it is nice to make a tour through beautiful landscapes and to drive over country roads. And how annoying it is to stand in a traffic jam. Wouldn't it be nice if the car would take over driving in the annoying traffic jam and instead of stepping on the gas and brakes in stop-and-go you can make phone calls or write emails? And when the traffic jam has cleared, you can take the lead again. 

How can you transfer this idea to the business world, of doing the things we enjoy ourselves and having the Companion AI take over when things get boring? I can think of many professions in the content area whose tasks can be divided up in this way. 

Photography, for example, is a dream for every photographer. But in the field of touch up there are many things that you have to do a hundred times over - the AI can do them for you.

Designing and shooting videos is a fantastic thing, but editing is not so cool. Journalists love to do research. But writing hundreds of texts on emissions in Stuttgart's city districts or countless election reports is just as banal as formulating masses of product texts. Honestly, this work is so boring and so dull. Nobody would start a traineeship as a copywriter or choose to become a copywriter for this kind of work.

How can AI support humans in a hybrid process?

So, if AI is to support us, the question then arises as to how does AI look in such a hybrid process? How can the computer actually be helpful in the creative process? How can he reduce my workload and still allow me to enjoy my job? What conditions do we need to multiply man and machine to achieve great results: 100 videos 1000 pictures 10 000 texts in one day, all of this should not be a problem and at the same time the pleasure remains. This is the idea of human first and this is the motto of today's AXCD.

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