Automate your data import & text export.

Do you keep your data in a software like Shopify, Magento, Shopware, or Salesforce? Then fully automate your data import to the AX NLG Cloud and the content delivery to your CMS. We offer several ways for you to completely automate your workflows:

  • automated communication between apps and the AX NLG Cloud with Zapier
  • direct connection between various Tools and the AX NLG Cloud via plugin
  • Any Custom Integration via REST API
  • AWS Certified and available via AWS Marketplace

Available Integrations

Automated Communication between Apps with Zapier

Zapier is a platform that connects applications to enable automated communication between them and to automate workflows.

  • Make your data accessible online (e.g. via your shop system, CRM software, Google Sheets etc).
  • Log in to Zapier and get the AX Semantics app.
  • Select triggers and actions for your workflow to be automated, e.g. as trigger importing or updating data, as action exporting the generated text in your target medium.

Direct Connection per Shopware Plugin

The plugin offers a ready-to-use solution for automatic communication between Shopware and the AX NLG Cloud – no programming skills required.
  • Get the Shopware plugin and activate it.
  • Configure the plugin according to your requirements for automatic data import into the AX NLG Cloud.
  • Control and start the text generation in the AX NLG Cloud out of Shopware – either perform a quality assurance in Shopware or publish your text items directly.
By the way, we are already developing more plugins for other shop systems.

Customized Solution

Would you like to implement an individual solution for your system? Whether it’s data import, text generation, or the integration of the automated content into your website – all functionality of the AX Semantics NLG Cloud is accessible via our REST API.

  • Import your data via API calls: every user account on our platform is equipped with a unique API access to create a temporary API token.
  • Trigger your content generation via API call or configure an automatic trigger to generate content each time a data set is added or changed.
  • Automatically integrate the generated content via webhook into a URL defined by you.

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