Magento + Multilanguage Content brings you Chatbots

Multilanguage Content can help you realize sortiment expansion and make your news business more successful. You can, automate the coypwriting of chatbots and get sortiment expansion, because news articles and bulletins will bring sortiment expansion to your news project.

Want to know how this works?

Based on your news datasets it is quick to writenews articles and bulletins employing the Multilanguage Content SaaS App of AX. You can connect the API to a CMS:

  • Oxid, Typo3 or WordPress


Is Multilanguage Content widely used?

In Europe over 300 different customers use the Multilanguage Content Natural Language Generation Tool for news outlets. APA and Stuttgarter Zeitung, for example, is one of many companies that have already successfully used this technology Their news articles and their bulletins are being written automatically based on attributes of their news datasets and updated using the API of Magento and many other news systems (e.g. Oxid, Typo3 or WordPress). Tonality, style, and content are defined by a trusted human copywriter first. It means that the performance is individual, warm and friendly.

How do you utilize this for yourself?

Sortiment expansion through better news articles and bulletins has a plentitude of advantages. Readers who feel well informed are more likely to buy and good and clear descriptions also reduce the number of articles returned on your Magento Shop. The use of Multilanguage Content impacts your bottom line in multiple ways. Not to mention that you save time and money when content is written automatically. Do you want to learn how to optimize your writing and get news that really get your readers to return? Here’s how – read more about Multilanguage Content

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