Unlocking the Power of Scaled Content Production:

Strategies and Insights from Experts

Unlock the Secrets of Scaled Content Production! Join our virtual Meetup and discover how leading organizations transformed their content creation processes to achieve unprecedented scalability. Get ready to hear from industry experts as they reveal their insider knowledge, real-world examples, and game-changing strategies.

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About the Meetup

Join us for a virtual Meetup as we explore the journey of scaled content production in the modern enterprise. Discover how organizations have successfully transformed their operations to achieve efficient and scalable content creation. Our speakers, Frank Feulner from SIGNA Sports United and Joep Stokman from Zeeman textielSupers, will share their insights on achieving this remarkable feat.

During this event, our speakers will provide concrete examples of organizations that have achieved scaled content production. They will discuss the implementation of content automation and the critical factors that led to their success. You'll gain insights into managing content volume and workforce requirements for scalability. Additionally, our speakers will delve into how these organizations restructured their teams and workflows, along with the essential skills needed for efficient content creation at scale. They will also address how the topic of scaled content production is perceived within their organizations.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from industry leaders who have successfully transformed their organizations for scaled content production. Gain practical knowledge, strategies, and inspiration to drive your own content production efforts to new heights.

➡️How did these organizations achieve successful scaled content production, and what strategies contributed to their success?
➡️ What are the considerations for managing content volume and workforce requirements to achieve scalability?
➡️ How have these organizations restructured their teams and workflows for efficient content creation at scale, and what essential skills are needed for success?

➡️ Frank Feulner, Area Lead Content Technology, SIGNA Sports United
➡️ Joep Stokman, Product Management Representative, textielSupers
➡️Robert Weißgraeber, CEO and Co-Founder, AX Semantics

➡️ Wednesday, June 14, 3 pm CET
➡️ Virtually via Zoom
➡️ in English only

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Meetup Speakers

Frank Feulner

Area Lead Content Technology, SIGNA Sports United

Frank Feulner has a problem with bad data that runs like a common thread throughout his life. As a technical co-founder of AX Semantics, he dealt with the question of how to turn "raw" product information into meaningful texts using Natural Language Generation. At Signa Sports United, the trained linguist and political scientist is involved in building a Product Content Landscape that meets the demands of the globally operating sports goods giant in terms of localization, scalability, and process usability. Building upon a PIM platform and an innovative data model, he drives the (partial) automation of content creation and data publishing processes forward.

Joep Stokman

Product Management Representative, textielSupers

My name is Joep Stokman, I'm 21 years old and I've been working at Zeeman for a little over 2,5 years now. Since a couple of months I have been focusing, mainly by myself, on product content scaling and automation within our rapidly growing E-commerce division. I have found AX Semantics to be a worthy partner and would love to share my experiences with taking on this project.

Robert Weißgraeber

Managing Director and Co-Founder, AX Semantics

Robert Weißgraeber is the chief technology officer and Co-Founder of AX Semantics, where he heads up product development and engineering and is a managing director. Robert is an in-demand speaker and an author on topics including agile software development and natural language generation (NLG) technologies and a member of the Forbes Technology Council. He was previously Chief Product Officer at aexea and studied Chemistry at the Johannes Gutenberg University and did a research stint at Cornell University.
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