Data-Driven Content Optimization and Personalization

Our Metrics add-on gathers data and provides analyses on your content – giving you the perfect basis to optimize and personalize product pages in your online shop.
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GDPR Compliant

With our Metrics add-on you have a first-party data supplier on your website, providing data first hand – a GDPR-compliant personalization solution.

More Insights

No data is lost due to ad blockers, so meaningful insights about page views, engagement, and conversions are possible.

 Scalable Testing

Get data on A/B testing scenarios of your content variations and roll them out at scale with AX content automation.


Individualize your product page content for each visitor by feeding the data you collect directly into content decisions and personalize your content according to the needs of every user.


How Metrics Helps You To Optimize Your Product Pages

Economical decisions should always be made based on data and experience – not on feelings or taste. As Metrics is a first party data supplier, and therefore GDPR compliant, it provides you with first hand data, giving you a great basis to optimize your product pages.

In a nutshell: Behavioral data about website visits is collected and automatically sent to the AX Semantics software. The Metrics Dashboard gives you an overview of your content’s KPIs. This allows you to see exactly how text optimization affects the success of your product pages. This data can be directly transferred into optimizations for e.g. your product descriptions. Metrics is linked to our automated content creation tool, so optimizations can be implemented in a scalable way.
Preview of Metrics

Implementing Metrics Takes Minimum Effort

Keep Your Systems

You can keep your running systems. The tracking integrates into them.

Add Tracking Snippet

Add the AX tracking snippet to your website for loading the tracking script.

Add Data Attributes

Add data attributes to enable conversion elements (e.g. add cart button) and track conversions.

Make Data-Based Decisions

Finally user behavior is analyzed and you can make decisions based on data.
Personalized Product Pages

Turn Generic Product Pages Into Personalized Sales Pitches

In addition, the real-time behavioral data provided by Metrics also serves as the basis for personalization. The AX E-Commerce Suite is a content personalization solution that leverages this in-depth data to generate product descriptions, category pages and shopping cart incentives that are targeting the interests and purchase intentions of every unique visitor.

Personalized product pages speak directly to your customer and, therefore, drive your sales and conversion rates. Of course, our personalization tool is also linked to our automated content generation software, so it drafts, tests, and optimizes the best unique product page content to convert each individual customer.

How the Content Personalization Software Works

1. Data Gathering

Once a user is on your website, behavioral data is collected (e.g. product viewed, customer status, time & location). By storing personal data on-site only, no personal information of a user is transmitted to an other party.

2. Data Analysis

Behavioral and psychographic data is analyzed with AX Metrics. It serves as the basis to identify the content objective and to generate unique text that is personalized for each user.

3. Content Generation

Based on the evaluations and the content objective, the AX Natural Language Generation software drafts and generates personalized content.

4. Display Content

The personalized text is displayed to the user.

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