Natural Language Generation in Finance & Banking

The adoption of Natural Language Generation (NLG) has brought an elementary innovation to financial reporting & analysis and other financial advisor roles: the writing power of experts at company scale.

The automated generation of reports and analyses in Financial Services is scalable by NLG and at the same time ensures consistently high quality and compliance.
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Transform Business Data into Natural Language Text

Data for the sake of data doesn’t have value, you need to be able to understand and action the data, that is where the value will come from.

That is to say turning raw data into actionable insights as quickly as possible and using data to automate processes to save time and keep employees engaged.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology is critical as we move forward because it is the only technology that turns data into human language. Get this value from your data with Natural Language Generation. AX Semantics software is based on NLG and makes it possible to generate financial reports and other data-based documents in a fraction of the time – AX is the financial report generator for Financial Services.
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"The effort of the creation of recurring reports can be reduced by up to 80% using AX Semantics."
Mario Berger
Director at Deloitte

Where is NLG used in Financial Services?

The AX Semantics NLG software is always useful in Financial Services when text from underlying data is required – for example for:

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NLG Software in
Financial Services

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Case Studies from Finance & Banking

The Potentials of NLG in Finance & Banking

Cut costs

Automating recurring financial reports saves many resources and therefore immense costs – once configured, a report can be generated every time at the push of a button.

Improve quality

Automation ensures that all regulatory requirements are met every time a content item is updated without manual review.

100% compliant

Processes that are legally regulated and mandatory, like Risk Audits or KYC reports can be automated and increase compliance coverage to 100% without additional effort or manpower.

Be fast

In the digital age, consumers expect instant information and feedback. For processes like credit scoring a completely automated processes is the only way to fulfill real-time expectations.

Leverage data

Natural Language Generation leverages your data to create new markets and offers.

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