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NLG-based Reporting, Communication and Auditing

The adoption of Natural Language Generation has brought an elementary innovation to Financial Analysis, Auditors and other financial Advisor roles:

The writing power of experts at company scale.


Automate Data Analysis to Drive Revenue

Data-based automated analysis allows for individually written reports and certifications. Ranging from communication elements like offers and sales copy to , data storytelling and portfolio summaries.

Processes that are legally regulated and mandatory, like Risk Audits or KYC reports can be automated and increase compliance coverage to 100% without additional effort or manpower.

In the digital age, consumers expect instant information and feedback. For processes like insurances and credit scoring a completely automated processes is the only way to fulfil real-time expectations.

Heavily regulated spaces increase their content control by making sure that all legal requirements are followed every time a piece of content is being updated, without manual review.

Outsourcing your processes is a common practise – keeping the know-how internal by outsourcing to a machine saves on contribution margin.

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