NLG in the Pharmaceutical Sector

New drugs and solutions are getting more complex to attain. Regulation also makes getting a drug to market more time consuming.

As a result, the success of the pharmaceutical company in the future will not solely depend on finding a great pill or not, but rather on its ability to get drugs to market quickly to save more lives.

With the AX Natural Language Generation software, this process can be effectively accelerated.
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Automated Clinical Study Reports

The most challenging phase of bringing a drug to market is the Human Drug Trial in Phase III, where the potential drug is trialed among a group of human volunteers. Following, the clinicians must write the “Clinical Study Report” (CSR) - one of the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of bringing a drug to market.

Thanks to AI-Powered Natural Language Generation (NLG), 30% of the CSR report can now be automated!
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"Pharma companies use our HIPAA-compliant NLG software to generate regulatory Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) on medications up to 40% faster, by automating 30% of writing the CSR."
Robert Weissgraeber
CTO & Managing Director AX Semantics

Natural Language Multilingual Reports in a Fraction of the Time

NLG connects to the clinical study database and generates perfect, auditable reports instantly (in 110 languages).

AX Semantics is an AI-Powered Natural Language Generation tool with a difference. Unlike conventional NLG tools that take months or years to develop, AX was built from the ground up to be what we call “AI-As-A-Service”. This means that the tool can be operational in days or weeks instead of months or years. It is also a software that can be used by medical writers themselves. And AX Semantics has all the relevant HIPPA processes to help Pharma companies remain compliant and stay certified.

Learn From the Best: Our Customers

Vetter Pharma is a bottling company for pharmaceutical products that automates financial reports with AX Semantics to get better insights into their financial situation and internal KPIs. By using AX Semantics Natural Language Generation Software, the company saves 600 hours of time a year and labor costs for producing business status reports for management. It also benefits from a more consistent reporting structure across the company.

The Impact of NLG on Pharmaceutical Companies

Save more lives

Bringing a drug to market earlier means saving more lives.

Save time & costs

By using Natural Language Generation you can save 30-40% time during the drafting of a report.

Grab market share

Speeding the time to go to market means grabbing market share.

Create a competitive edge

By speeding the time to go to market, Natural Language Generation changes the economic balance that pharmaceutical companies base their R&D and M&A investment on and create a competitive edge.

Launching new Medicine in the age of AI: Pharma's Quantum Leap

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