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Use our AX Semantics products to complement your product portfolio and build a new business.

Integration Partners

Integration Partners implement AX solutions in their own product: AX becomes an integral part of another product.

Riversand cloud-native master data management solutions are designed to support customers’ digital transformation journeys through improved business agility, faster adoption and improved collaboration across the enterprise. Riversand has a vision of helping companies know their customers better, move products faster, automate processes, mitigate risk and run their businesses smarter. Our customers, partners and analysts recognize us as a trusted partner, visionary and a leader. mail: phone: +1 713 258 603 2
novomind AG has developed intelligent omni-channel commerce and customer service software solutions for global use since 1999 and is among the technology leaders in Europe. Its portfolio comprises standardized solutions for commerce companies and contact centers and includes the products novomind iPIM, novomind iSHOP, novomind iMARKET and novomind iAGENT. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is just as much part of the company’s service portfolio as the advantages of an international partner network. mail: phone: +49 40 80 80 710

Managed Service Providers

MSP are our Solution Partners that help customers with a full-service component. AX Semantics recommends Solution Partners to Customers if external man power is required.

Brand and Label is a company dedicated to the structuring and completeness of product data to maximize sales and improve the user experience for retail and ecommerce. We deliver technological solutions for the optimization, cleansing and management of the collected information to feed a data management software and automate content. One of our more important products and the main base of what we do is RyH, an attributes resettlement and homologation service. mail: phone: +56 232 451 354
Leading in Connected Commerce: More than 20 years ago hmmh brought e-commerce to Germany. Since then the company has been influencing developments in this field. For hmmh, connected commerce is the logical continuation of the multi-channel business, in which channels become touch points and boundaries between online and offline disappear – at any time, at any place and across all devices, always the right content. mail: phone: +49 421 696 500
uNaice GmbH is a company specialising in digitisation and automation solutions. We are an AX Semantics Certified Gold Solution Partner from the very beginning and support as a Managed Service Provider and integrator companies in the implementation of text robot projects and also train employees if required. uNaice has already successfully implemented content automation in several languages for well-known e-commerce companies. The company is also a specialist for data analysis and intelligent and automated data preparation and enrichment. mail: phone: +49 5203 99 88 010
Awantego is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in automated content creation. We’re passionate about creating product descriptions, automated publishing and automated financial reporting. Our content specialists create automated texts for international e-commerce and industrial companies. Awantego customers include fashion online shops, mail order pharmacies, grocery stores, news portals and international corporations. mail: phone: +49 711 234 335 50
text2net is the specialist agency for content and data management. Since 2004 the company advises and supports its customers from content maintenance in CMS via asset management and data structuring to Text automation. text2net helps from semantic PDF analysis to data structuring and support text automation and content enrichment. In this process the text engine of AX Semantics plays an important role. As a Managed Service Provider of AX Semantics partner text2net can initially help with data structuring. mail: phone: +49 (0) 228 928 900 0
We at ICONIC SALES position, manage and develop your brand on Amazon. Our integrated range of services is unique on the market: Within the three pillars of Service, Technology and Fulfillment, we cover all areas that are fundamental to your success on Amazon. We use AX to create individual and search engine-relevant texts that address customers and also contain keywords relevant to the Amazon search algorithm.

Tech Partners

Our Tech Partners develop plug-ins, integrations and connectors for their products in order to use AX Semantics even more efficiently.

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