AX Semantics Partners

Use our AX Semantics products to complement your product portfolio and build a new business.

Managed Service Providers

Management Service Providers help customers with a full-service component. AX Semantics recommends MSP to Customers if external man power is required.

Integration Partners

Integration Partners implement AX solutions in their own product: AX becomes an integral part of another product.

Riversand cloud-native master data management solutions are designed to support customers’ digital transformation journeys through improved business agility, faster adoption and improved collaboration across the enterprise. Riversand has a vision of helping companies know their customers better, move products faster, automate processes, mitigate risk and run their businesses smarter. Our customers, partners and analysts recognize us as a trusted partner, visionary and a leader. mail: phone: +1 713 258 603 2
novomind AG has developed intelligent omni-channel commerce and customer service software solutions for global use since 1999 and is among the technology leaders in Europe. Its portfolio comprises standardized solutions for commerce companies and contact centers and includes the products novomind iPIM, novomind iSHOP, novomind iMARKET and novomind iAGENT. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is just as much part of the company’s service portfolio as the advantages of an international partner network. mail: phone: +49 40 80 80 710

Tech Partners

Our Tech Partners develop plug-ins, integrations and connectors for their products in order to use AX Semantics even more efficiently.​

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