A powerful partnership: AWS & AX Semantics

The partnership between AX Semantics and AWS enables companies of all sizes & industries to use automated content writing in an open SaaS tool.

Innovate your content production

As an AWS Technology Partner Advanced we help companies of all sizes scale content writing in up to 110 languages, increasing productivity and revenue. Our AX Semantics self-service Natural Language Generation (NLG) software powered by AI and natural language processing (NLP) helps you solve one of the biggest pain points in e-commerce: the ability to create large volumes of unique product descriptions in multiple languages at scale. Our sophisticated yet easy-to-use software makes automated content writing accessible to any size e-commerce business and enables the publishing of unique product descriptions.

With our AI-powered software, we create a hybrid environment where content emerges from a partnership between humans and machines. This allows you to focus on the more creative business tasks and projects while producing large volumes of content. AX software is 100% SaaS – everything is available from your desk via your web browser, no programming or IT departments required. More than 500 customers have already done this successfully.

AWS Technology Partner

What you get from AX Semantics & AWS

Scalability & real time content production

The AWS infrastructure enables you to scale text generation unlimitedly. Real-time applications are supported with real-time text generation (150 ms) and 99.99% availability.

Data security & privacy

AX Semantics on AWS offers data security and privacy to the highest level with an ephemeral infrastructure. AX on AWS supports HIPAA compliant processing.

conversion rates

With automatically generated unique content on all pages, you'll pick up readers optimally and increase sales.

Fast entry into new markets

AX supports content generation in 110 languages and enables lean translation processes to enable fast market entry.

Transparent & elastic pricing

AX Semantics offers a transparent, monthly pricing plan that allows you to pay for what you use without forcing you into a long-term commitment. As a cloud-native solution, you benefit from the pay-as-you-go and elastic possibilities that the cloud offers.

To manage this dynamic usage at a cost-effective price point and meet SLA commitments, we use AWS Spot Instances, which allow customers and partners to use unused compute capacity in the AWS Cloud. We have also adopted best practices for cloud-native development by automating infrastructure management (100% Infrastructure as a Code) and a serverless architecture. This lowers the total cost of ownership for you as the end customer.

Learn from the best: Over 500 companies automate content writing with AX Semantics

billiger.de teamed up with AWS and AX Semantics to automate its content. 2 full-time copywriters have generated more than 100,000 unique product descriptions within one year with AX Semantics. There was a significant increase in Google’s visibility index after the publication of the automated content.

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“We’re really a solution for the digital age, and we’re giving companies ‘superpowers’ so they can effortlessly publish quality content and grow. Partnering with AWS helps us provide AI-Powered Content Generation as an open SaaS tool that everyone can use for innovation - independent of industry, sector and company size.”
Robert Weissgraeber
CTO & CO-Founder at AX Semantics

Is the software worth it for me?

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AX Semantics Software
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