Turn Generic Product Pages Into Personalized Sales Pitches

AX Semantics Personalized Commerce tool drafts, tests and optimizes the best product page to convert each individual customer.

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Hyperpersonalized content

Speak to Each Unique Visitor

Great product pages don´t just give recommendations, they turn interest into purchases and grow cart size. Personalized product pages speak directly to your customer and generate high conversion rates. AX Personalized Commerce is a content personalization software that leverages real-time user data to generate product descriptions, category pages and shopping cart incentives that are targeted towards each unique visitor.

Grow Conversions on Product Pages

AX Semantics offers an experience optimization tool focused on hyper-personalized messaging to drive sales and conversion rates. Of course, "Personalized Commerce" is linked to our automated content generation, so the software drafts, tests, and optimizes the best unique product page content to convert each individual customer. By leveraging 1st party data only, the AX content personalization software creates a unique experience while remaining GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Hyper-Personalized Content

Turn generic product pages into a 100% personalized sales proposal to sell more online.

Unfair Competitive Advantage

Market to individuals with real-time visitor data to generate hyper-personalized online content.

Unique Customer Experience

Reach your customers like the individuals they are, taking into account each customer’s motivations and interests.

Higher Conversion Rates

Show the right message to the right person and drive conversion rates.

Higher Shopping Cart Values

Generate great product pages to turn interest in purchase and grow cart size.

Reduced Cart Abandonments

Address your customers' needs and answer their questions to reduce cart abandonment.

What You Can Achieve

"The only way to succeed in current times is to increase conversion on the product page. The most efficient way to do this is through data-driven decisions."
Saim Alkan
CEO & Founder


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Whitepaper: How to Turn Product Pages into Personalized Sales Proposals

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How the Content Personalization Software Works

1. Data Gathering

Once a user is on your website, behavioral data is collected (e.g. product visits, customer status, time & location). By storing personal data on-site only, no personal information of a user is transmitted anywhere.

2. Data Analysis

Behavioral and psychographic data is analyzed with AX Metrics. It serves as the basis to identify the content objective and to generate unique text that is hyper-personalized for the user.

3. Content Generation

Based on the evaluations and the content objective, AX Natural Language Generation software drafts and generates personalized content.

4. Display Content

The on-site personalized text is displayed to the user.

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