Personalized Commerce: How to turn Product Pages into Personalized Proposals

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About The Whitepaper

To date, eCommerce companies have thought about price as the main means of competing in their market. Yet, psychology tells us is that price is not the main factor for buyers. You can succeed at selling a higher-priced good if you can explain to the customer, at a personal level why this is the right fit for them. The explanation is the experience. Great and personalized experiences generate more value than bargains, for both eCommerce and consumers. This white paper deals precisely with this topic: How do retail companies manage to increase their success through personalization

Some of the questions that are answered in the white paper:
- How to achieve higher margins due to higher personalization 
- How becoming a premium brand is the best strategy for eCommerce
- How to create a unique experience for each individual
- New technology and how it changes the personalization
- AI-powered hyper-personalization & how it works

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