Product Descriptions for Germans biggest Ecommerce Player

Germanys largest online shop that ranges from clothing, shoes, multimedia, household & more uses AX Semantics to generate product descriptions for many of its categories.

A product description generated with the AX Semantics software

What the company has achieved with automated content:

  • Copywriters have generated and updated more than 6000 unique product descriptions within one year.
  • Otto uses the software since 2011. 
  • The product descriptions based on PIM data
  • Savings of process costs thanks to unique content.
  • Multi brand content is created through unique content and varying wording and style across various brands.
  • Driving Conversions with gimmicks. Time-limited changes in content based on current events across the whole product portfolio increases conversion.

How to automate product descriptions with AX Semantics

AX Semantics is a self-service Natural Language Generation (NLG) software that allows you to generate unique and high-quality product descriptions in 110 languages. 

Would you like to know which advantages automated content creation offers you
and when it pays off?

AX Semantics: E-Commerce Content Solution

AX Semantics is your self-service Natural Language Generation software to write unique product descriptions and category texts for your online shop incredibly fast. Learn more about AX content automation for e-commerce.

The data from PIM systems serve as the basis for automated content generation

More about automated content in e-commerce in our blog:

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